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Team, Open

Date24 – 25 September 1988 — 09:00-18:00
LocationSeo-ul Gyeong-ma Gong-won, Gwacheon
Participants43 from 11 countries
FormatFour rider teams. Top three scores count towards team total.

For the first time, this event allowed four riders per team, with only the top three scores in the individual qualifying to count towards the team score. Germany, or in 1988 still West Germany, was at the early phase of its absolute dominance of this event. They had won in 1964, 1968, 1976, and 1984, and they could not compete in 1980 because of the American-led boycott. West Germany won easily again in 1988, and as Germany, would continue winning through 2008. Switzerland, traditionally the second best nation in this discipline, won the silver medal as they had in 1976 and 1984. Canada came in for the bronze medal, the only equestrian medal won by Canada in Seoul.

1West GermanyFRG4,302Gold
Nicole UphoffRembrandt1,458
Monica TheodorescuGanimedes1,433
Ann-Kathrin LinsenhoffCourage1,411
Reiner KlimkeAhlerich1,402non-scoring
Christine StückelbergerGauguin de Lully1,43
Otto HoferAndiamo1,392
Daniel RamseierRandom1,342
Samuel SchatzmannRochus1,225non-scoring
Cindy IshoyDynasty1,363
Ashley NicollReipo1,308
Gina SmithMalte1,298
Eva-Maria PrachtEmirage1,255non-scoring
4Soviet UnionURS3,926
Nina MenkovaDixon1,395
Olga KlimkoBuket1,272
Yury KovshovBarin1,259
Anatoly TankovIzharsk1,249non-scoring
Ellen BontjePetit Prince1,312
Annemarie Sanders-KeijzerAmon 51,303
Tineke Bartels-de VriesOlympic Duphar1,288
Anky van GrunsvenPrisco1,239non-scoring
=6United StatesUSA3,883
Robert DoverFederleicht1,327
Jessica RansehousenOrpheus1,308
Belinda BaudinChristopher1,248
Lendon GrayLater On1,212non-scoring
Kyra KyrklundMatador1,416
Tutu SohlbergPakistan1,242
Jenny ErikssonMy Way1,225
Maarit RaiskioNor1,161non-scoring
Margit Otto-CrépinCrolandus1,455
Dominique d'EsméHopal Fleurihn1,219
Philippe LimousinIris de la Fosse1,158
Nils HaagensenCantat1,293
Morten ThomsenDiplomat1,269
Anne Grethe Jensen-TörnbladRavel1,263
Anne JensenLe Fiere1,217non-scoring
10Great BritainGBR3,797
Jennie Loriston-ClarkeDutch Gold1,293
Tricia GardinerWily Imp1,274
Diana MasonPrince Consort1,23
Barbara HammondKrist1,174non-scoring
Ulla HåkanssonCesam1,271
Louise NathhorstCirac1,251
Lars AnderssonHerkules1,249
Eva LindstenCello1,167non-scoring