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Moguls, Men

Date15 February 2006
LocationSauze d'Oulx-Jouvenceaux
Participants35 from 11 countries
DetailsGradient: 26.5°
Length: 223 m
Start Elevation: ?
Vertical Drop: ?
Width: 10 m

Dale Begg-Smith had won three of the four World Cup events in the 2005-06 season and was favored. Begg-Smith was a native Canadian from Vancouver who was also an Internet entrepreneur. He had started adware and spamware companies, AdsCPM and CPM, as a teenager and had become quite wealthy by the time of the Torino Olympics. Training with the Canadian team, Begg-Smith was told his internet business was interfering with his skiing, and when he was only 15, he and his brother moved to Australia. They became Australian citizens in 2003 and Begg-Smith represented Australia in Torino. Begg-Smith came thru to win the gold medal, winning both the qualifying round, and the final, although his final run was relatively slow, but had no flaws and earned him the gold medal. The silver medal went to Finland’s Mikko Ronkainen, who only qualified in 13th place, although he had been World Champion in 2001 and 2003. His final run was the third fastest and featured a high degree of difficulty, but his turns and airs scores trailed Begg-Smith, costing him the gold medal. The bronze medal went to Korean-American Toby Dawson. Dawson was born Kim Bong-Seok. At age three he and his mother were at a market, when he became lost and was not reconnected with his parents. He was later adopted by a couple from Vail, Colorado, who were both ski instructors and learned to ski from them. In February 2007 he met his biological father after the man identified him from a photo from the 2006 Winter Olympics.

1Dale Begg-SmithAUS25.40 (1)26.77 (1)Gold
2Mikko RonkainenFIN23.38 (13)26.62 (2)Silver
3Toby DawsonUSA24.20 (6)26.30 (3)Bronze
4Marc-André MoreauCAN24.69 (3)25.62 (4)
5Jesper BjörnlundSWE23.97 (8)25.21 (5)
6Jeremy BloomUSA24.51 (4)25.17 (6)
7Travis MayerUSA24.04 (7)24.91 (7)
8Juuso LahtelaFIN22.31 (19)24.42 (8)
9Travis CabralUSA24.88 (2)24.38 (9)
10Guilbaut ColasFRA24.33 (5)23.60 (10)
11Alex BilodeauCAN23.75 (11)23.42 (11)
12Nick FisherAUS22.89 (16)23.39 (12)
13Aleksandr SmyshlyayevRUS22.18 (20)23.22 (13)
14Chris WongCAN23.89 (9)22.88 (14)
15Christoph StarkGER23.65 (12)22.84 (15)
16Janne LahtelaFIN23.77 (10)22.65 (16)
17Pierre OchsFRA23.19 (14)21.37 (17)
18Walter BormoliniITA22.87 (18)21.36 (18)
19Fredrik FortkordSWE22.87 (17)20.58 (19)
20Osamu UenoJPN23.03 (15)19.54 (20)
21Simone GalliITA21.98 (21)
22Sami MustonenFIN21.57 (22)
23Per SpettSWE21.53 (23)
24Michael RobertsonAUS21.52 (24)
25Artyom ValinteyevRUS21.51 (25)
26Silvan PalazotFRA21.29 (26)
27Ruslan SharifullinRUS21.24 (27)
28Gerhard BlöchlGER21.16 (28)
29Jason Begg-SmithAUS20.22 (29)
30Kai OzakiJPN19.70 (30)
31Claudio BosiaITA19.62 (31)
32Yugo TsukitaJPN19.13 (32)
33Dmitry ReykherdKAZ18.33 (33)
34Mattia PegorariITA16.25 (34)
35Vitaly GlushchenkoRUS12.75 (35)

Qualifying Round

Date15 February 2006 — 17:30
FormatTop 20 finishers advanced to final.
Judge #1 (Turns)Sonny McKayUSA
Judge #2 (Turns)Olivier GrangeFRA
Judge #3 (Turns)Franz ZimmermannGER
Judge #4 (Turns)Alberto OrsattiITA
Judge #5 (Turns)Monique ClotSUI
Judge #6 (Air)Tina Tanaka SundequistJPN
Judge #7 (Air)Timo KanninenFIN
PosNumberCompetitorNOCPointsTurns PointsAir PointsTime PointsTime
130Dale Begg-SmithAUS25.4014.05.725.6823.30Q
224Travis CabralUSA24.8813.85.365.7223.17Q
316Marc-André MoreauCAN24.6913.35.815.5823.58Q
429Jeremy BloomUSA24.5113.05.725.7922.97Q
520Guilbaut ColasFRA24.3313.15.425.8122.90Q
634Toby DawsonUSA24.2013.15.485.6223.46Q
725Travis MayerUSA24.0413.44.985.6623.35Q
826Jesper BjörnlundSWE23.9712.95.665.4124.09Q
910Chris WongCAN23.8913.15.175.6223.46Q
1032Janne LahtelaFIN23.7713.15.075.623.53Q
1127Alex BilodeauCAN23.7512.55.545.7123.22Q
1217Christoph StarkGER23.6513.35.045.3124.38Q
1312Mikko RonkainenFIN23.3812.94.685.822.94Q
1435Pierre OchsFRA23.1913.04.575.6223.47Q
151Osamu UenoJPN23.0312.35.435.324.40Q
1614Nick FisherAUS22.8912.75.075.1224.93Q
1715Fredrik FortkordSWE22.8712.35.175.424.13Q
188Walter BormoliniITA22.8712.84.75.3724.20Q
1928Juuso LahtelaFIN22.3112.15.224.9925.33Q
2031Aleksandr SmyshlyayevRUS22.1812.54.115.5723.62Q
217Simone GalliITA21.9812.34.475.2124.68
2222Sami MustonenFIN21.5711.84.435.3424.28
2321Per SpettSWE21.5311.25.065.2724.50
246Michael RobertsonAUS21.5211.54.675.3524.25
259Artyom ValinteyevRUS21.5112.23.885.4324.02
2611Silvan PalazotFRA21.2911.54.555.2424.59
2723Ruslan SharifullinRUS21.2411.14.375.7723.04
2818Gerhard BlöchlGER21.1611.54.325.3424.28
294Jason Begg-SmithAUS20.2211.33.984.9425.47
3013Kai OzakiJPN19.709.44.395.9122.63
313Claudio BosiaITA19.6210.34.255.0725.08
3233Yugo TsukitaJPN19.1310.53.654.9825.36
3319Dmitry ReykherdKAZ18.338.74.185.4523.97
342Mattia PegorariITA16.257.92.515.8422.83
355Vitaly GlushchenkoRUS12.755.02.535.2224.63

Final Round

Date15 February 2006 — 14:00
Judge #1 (Turns)Sonny McKayUSA
Judge #2 (Turns)Olivier GrangeFRA
Judge #3 (Turns)Franz ZimmermannGER
Judge #4 (Turns)Alberto OrsattiITA
Judge #5 (Turns)Monique ClotSUI
Judge #6 (Air)Tina Tanaka SundequistJPN
Judge #7 (Air)Timo KanninenFIN
PosNumberCompetitorNOCPointsTurns PointsAir PointsTime PointsTime
120Dale Begg-SmithAUS26.7714.56.385.8922.68
28Mikko RonkainenFIN26.6213.66.856.1721.87
315Toby DawsonUSA26.3013.86.545.9622.47
418Marc-André MoreauCAN25.6213.76.305.6223.46
513Jesper BjörnlundSWE25.2113.56.185.5323.73
617Jeremy BloomUSA25.1713.36.025.8522.79
714Travis MayerUSA24.9113.85.205.9122.63
82Juuso LahtelaFIN24.4212.86.095.5323.72
919Travis CabralUSA24.3813.65.135.6523.38
1016Guilbaut ColasFRA23.6012.94.476.2321.68
1110Alex BilodeauCAN23.4212.05.525.9022.65
125Nick FisherAUS23.3913.04.645.7523.09
131Aleksandr SmyshlyayevRUS23.2212.74.705.8222.88
1412Chris WongCAN22.8813.13.766.0222.29
159Christoph StarkGER22.8413.14.555.1924.74
1611Janne LahtelaFIN22.6511.74.556.4021.19
177Pierre OchsFRA21.3710.64.686.0922.10
183Walter BormoliniITA21.3611.44.395.5723.63
194Fredrik FortkordSWE20.5810.74.135.7523.08
206Osamu UenoJPN19.5410.13.935.5123.79