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Foil, Individual, Men

Date26 July 2021
LocationMakuhari Messe, 2-1, Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba, Chiba Prefecture, Japan
Participants35 from 18 countries
FormatSingle-elimination tournament.

36 foil fencers from 18 countries qualified for the individual event at Tokyo. The reigning Olympic champion was Daniele Garozzo of Italy and the reigning World Champion was Enzo Lefort of France. They fought each other in the quarter-finals with Garozzo becoming the winner by a very close 15-13 win. Garozzo then finally lost the final 15-11 against Edgar Cheung from Hong Kong who won the second Olympic gold medal for his country after windsurfer Lee Lai Shan in 1996. The bronze medal went to the Czech Alexander Choupenitch.

115Edgar CheungHKGGold
25Daniele GarozzoITASilver
319Alexander ChoupenitchCZEBronze
49Takahiro ShikineJPN
54Enzo LefortFRA
616Alaaeldin AbouelkassemEGY
722Mohamed HamzaEGY
823Kirill BorodachovROC
92Alessio FoconiITA
106Andrea CassaràITA
118Ryan ChoiHKG
127Nick ItkinUSA
1320Toshiya SaitoJPN
1421Kyosuke MatsuyamaJPN
1530Peter JoppichGER
1633Vladislav MylnikovROC
171Gerek MeinhardtUSA
183Alexander MassialasUSA
1910Lee Gwang-HyeonKOR
2011Marcus MepsteadGBR
2112Maxime PautyFRA
2213Guilherme ToldoBRA
2314Carlos LlavadorESP
2418Julien MertineFRA
2517Benjamin KleibrinkGER
2624Mohamed SamandiTUN
2726Anton BorodachovROC
2825Maximilien Van HaasterCAN
2928Mohamed HassanEGY
3027Eli SchenkelCAN
3134André SanitàGER
3236Diego CervantesMEX
3329Huang MengkaiCHN
3431Cheung Siu LunHKG
3532Salim HerouiALG

Round One

Date26 July 2021 — 9:25
FormatWinner of each match advanced to round two.
MatchDate/TimeLocationCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #126 JulGerek Meinhardt (1)USAbye
Bout #226 JulBlue PisteVladislav Mylnikov (33)ROC15 – 6Salim Heroui (32)ALG
Bout #326 JulBenjamin Kleibrink (17)GERbye
Bout #426 JulAlaaeldin Abouelkassem (16)EGYbye
Bout #526 JulTakahiro Shikine (9)JPNbye
Bout #626 JulMohamed Samandi (24)TUNbye
Bout #726 JulMaximilien Van Haaster (25)CANbye
Bout #826 JulRyan Choi (8)HKGbye
Bout #926 JulDaniele Garozzo (5)ITAbye
Bout #1026 JulMohamed Hassan (28)EGYbye
Bout #1126 JulKyosuke Matsuyama (21)JPNbye
Bout #1226 JulMaxime Pauty (12)FRAbye
Bout #1326 JulGuilherme Toldo (13)BRAbye
Bout #1426 JulToshiya Saito (20)JPNbye
Bout #1526 JulYellow PisteDiego Cervantes (36)MEX15 – 14Huang Mengkai (29)CHN
Bout #1626 JulEnzo Lefort (4)FRAbye
Bout #1726 JulAlexander Massialas (3)USAbye
Bout #1826 JulGreen PistePeter Joppich (30)GER15 – 12Alex Cai (35)CAN
Bout #1926 JulAlexander Choupenitch (19)CZEbye
Bout #2026 JulCarlos Llavador (14)ESPbye
Bout #2126 JulMarcus Mepstead (11)GBRbye
Bout #2226 JulMohamed Hamza (22)EGYbye
Bout #2326 JulEli Schenkel (27)CANbye
Bout #2426 JulAndrea Cassarà (6)ITAbye
Bout #2526 JulNick Itkin (7)USAbye
Bout #2626 JulAnton Borodachov (26)ROCbye
Bout #2726 JulKirill Borodachov (23)ROCbye
Bout #2826 JulLee Gwang-Hyeon (10)KORbye
Bout #2926 JulEdgar Cheung (15)HKGbye
Bout #3026 JulJulien Mertine (18)FRAbye
Bout #3126 JulRed PisteAndré Sanità (34)GER15 – 14Cheung Siu Lun (31)HKG
Bout #3226 JulAlessio Foconi (2)ITAbye

Round Two

Date26 July 2021 — 11:35
FormatWinner of each match advanced to round two.
MatchDate/TimeLocationCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #126 JulBlue PisteVladislav Mylnikov (33)ROC15 – 11Gerek Meinhardt (1)USA
Bout #226 JulBlue PisteAlaaeldin Abouelkassem (16)EGY15 – 11Benjamin Kleibrink (17)GER
Bout #326 JulBlue PisteTakahiro Shikine (9)JPN15 – 4Mohamed Samandi (24)TUN
Bout #426 JulBlue PisteRyan Choi (8)HKG15 – 10Maximilien Van Haaster (25)CAN
Bout #526 JulYellow PisteDaniele Garozzo (5)ITA15 – 6Mohamed Hassan (28)EGY
Bout #626 JulYellow PisteKyosuke Matsuyama (21)JPN15 – 7Maxime Pauty (12)FRA
Bout #726 JulYellow PisteToshiya Saito (20)JPN15 – 10Guilherme Toldo (13)BRA
Bout #826 JulYellow PisteEnzo Lefort (4)FRA15 – 11Diego Cervantes (36)MEX
Bout #926 JulGreen PistePeter Joppich (30)GER15 – 12Alexander Massialas (3)USA
Bout #1026 JulGreen PisteAlexander Choupenitch (19)CZE15 – 11Carlos Llavador (14)ESP
Bout #1126 JulGreen PisteMohamed Hamza (22)EGY15 – 13Marcus Mepstead (11)GBR
Bout #1226 JulGreen PisteAndrea Cassarà (6)ITA15 – 11Eli Schenkel (27)CAN
Bout #1326 JulRed PisteNick Itkin (7)USA15 – 11Anton Borodachov (26)ROC
Bout #1426 JulRed PisteKirill Borodachov (23)ROC15 – 14Lee Gwang-Hyeon (10)KOR
Bout #1526 JulRed PisteEdgar Cheung (15)HKG15 – 12Julien Mertine (18)FRA
Bout #1626 JulRed PisteAlessio Foconi (2)ITA15 – 8André Sanità (34)GER

Round Three

Date26 July 2021 — 14:25
FormatWinner of each match advanced to quarter-finals.
MatchDate/TimeLocationCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #126 JulBlue PisteAlaaeldin Abouelkassem (16)EGY15 – 12Vladislav Mylnikov (33)ROC
Bout #226 JulBlue PisteTakahiro Shikine (9)JPN15 – 6Ryan Choi (8)HKG
Bout #326 JulYellow PisteDaniele Garozzo (5)ITA15 – 14Kyosuke Matsuyama (21)JPN
Bout #426 JulYellow PisteEnzo Lefort (4)FRA15 – 4Toshiya Saito (20)JPN
Bout #526 JulGreen PisteAlexander Choupenitch (19)CZE15 – 13Peter Joppich (30)GER
Bout #626 JulGreen PisteMohamed Hamza (22)EGY15 – 13Andrea Cassarà (6)ITA
Bout #726 JulRed PisteKirill Borodachov (23)ROC15 – 13Nick Itkin (7)USA
Bout #826 JulRed PisteEdgar Cheung (15)HKG15 – 3Alessio Foconi (2)ITA


Date26 July 2021 — 15:50
FormatWinner of each match advanced to semi-finals.
MatchDate/TimeLocationCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #126 JulBlue PisteTakahiro Shikine (9)JPN15 – 13Alaaeldin Abouelkassem (16)EGY
Bout #226 JulYellow PisteDaniele Garozzo (5)ITA15 – 10Enzo Lefort (4)FRA
Bout #326 JulGreen PisteAlexander Choupenitch (19)CZE15 – 9Mohamed Hamza (22)EGY
Bout #426 JulRed PisteEdgar Cheung (15)HKG15 – 14Kirill Borodachov (23)ROC


Date26 July 2021 — 18:50
FormatWinner of each match advanced to final pool.
MatchDate/TimeLocationCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #126 JulFinal PisteDaniele Garozzo (5)ITA15 – 9Takahiro Shikine (9)JPN
Bout #226 JulFinal PisteEdgar Cheung (15)HKG15 – 10Alexander Choupenitch (19)CZE

Final Round

Date26 July 2021 — 20:15
MatchDate/TimeLocationCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout 1/226 Jul 21:10Final PisteEdgar Cheung (15)HKG15 – 11Daniele Garozzo (5)ITA
Bout 3/426 Jul 20:15Final PisteAlexander Choupenitch (19)CZE15 – 8Takahiro Shikine (9)JPN