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4 × 10 kilometres Relay, Men

Date13 February 2022 — 15:00
LocationZhangjiakou Nordic Centre and Biathlon Centre, Chongli District, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province
Participants60 from 15 countries
DetailsCourse Length: 9,687 m
Height Differential: 41 m
Maximum Climb: 35 m
Total Climbing: 378 m

In an event that is not contested often during the season, Norway was the likely favorite as they won the season’s only World Cup relay. But the ROC team upset Norway to take the gold medal in Beijing, winning by 1:07.2. Aleksey Chervotkin, Aleksandr Bolshunov, Denis Spitsov, and Sergey Ustyugov impressed with a start-to-finish victory. The result was never in doubt. After the first leg, Chervotkin was already comfortably ahead, with Bolshunov increasing their lead significantly by the end of leg two. The ROC clearly outdistanced the other teams and Ustyugov eventually came home with a lead of more than one minute at the finish.

Behind the ROC, a close battle for silver raged for a long time. Defending champions Norway, and France, the latter recovering from a slow start, fought a gripping duel on the last lap. While Maurice Manificat did his best to push Johannes Høsflot Klæbo in the uphill stretches, the Norwegian’s speed on the downhill proved decisive. Klæbo held on to beat France by 9.2 seconds. Sweden, Germany and Italy were all in contention at various stages.

PosNrTeamNOCTimeSplit (Pos)
2-1Aleksey Chervotkin30:14.730:14.7 (1)
2-2Aleksandr Bolshunov29:32.059:46.7 (1)
2-3Denis Spitsov27:22.61-27:09.3 (1)
2-4Sergey Ustyugov27:41.41-54:50.7 (1)
1-1Emil Iversen30:49.130:49.1 (4)
1-2Pål Golberg29:57.11-00:46.2 (2)
1-3Hans Christer Holund27:08.01-27:54.2 (2)
1-4Johannes Høsflot Klæbo28:03.71-55:57.9 (2)
3-1Richard Jouve31:04.931:04.9 (5)
3-2Hugo Lapalus29:51.51-00:56.4 (5)
3-3Clément Parisse27:02.11-27:58.5 (4)
3-4Maurice Manificat28:08.61-56:07.1 (3)
4-1Oskar Svensson31:16.031:16.0 (9)
4-2William Poromaa29:30.41-00:46.4 (3)
4-3Jens Burman27:08.31-27:54.7 (3)
4-4Johan Häggström29:05.71-57:00.4 (4)
7-1Janosch Brugger30:38.230:38.2 (2)
7-2Friedrich Moch30:18.51-00:56.7 (6)
7-3Florian Notz28:08.11-29:04.8 (5)
7-4Lucas Bögl28:41.71-57:46.5 (5)
6-1Ristomatti Hakola32:02.232:02.2 (11)
6-2Iivo Niskanen28:53.91-00:56.1 (4)
6-3Perttu Hyvärinen29:08.81-30:04.9 (6)
6-4Joni Mäki29:23.71-59:28.6 (6)
5-1Dario Cologna31:12.131:12.1 (7)
5-2Jonas Baumann30:51.91-02:04.0 (8)
5-3Candide Pralong28:32.81-30:36.8 (8)
5-4Roman Furger29:36.52-00:13.3 (7)
14-1Federico Pellegrino30:38.830:38.8 (3)
14-2Francesco De Fabiani30:52.11-01:30.9 (7)
14-3Giandomenico Salvadori29:05.81-30:36.7 (7)
14-4Davide Graz29:39.92-00:16.6 (8)
98United StatesUSA1-02:56.3
8-1Luke Jager32:53.732:53.7 (13)
8-2Scott Patterson31:16.21-04:09.9 (11)
8-3Gus Schumacher29:03.41-33:13.3 (11)
8-4Kevin Bolger29:43.02-02:56.3 (9)
9-1Ryo Hirose31:13.031:13.0 (8)
9-2Hiroyuki Miyazawa32:49.41-04:02.4 (10)
9-3Naoto Baba28:50.11-32:52.5 (9)
9-4Haruki Yamashita30:09.02-03:01.5 (10)
10-1Graham Ritchie32:57.332:57.3 (14)
10-2Antoine Cyr31:51.61-04:48.9 (13)
10-3Olivier Leveille29:05.01-33:53.9 (12)
10-4Rémi Drolet30:07.22-04:01.1 (11)
1211Czech RepublicCZE1-04:57.8
11-1Adam Fellner31:48.831:48.8 (10)
11-2Michal Novák31:58.11-03:46.9 (9)
11-3Petr Knop29:06.01-32:52.9 (10)
11-4Jan Pechoušek32:04.92-04:57.8 (12)
1313People's Republic of ChinaCHNDNFlapped
13-1Shang Jincai32:26.332:26.3 (12)
13-2Liu Rongsheng32:24.91-04:51.2 (14)
13-3Wang Qiang29:45.31-34:36.5 (14)
13-4Chen Degen– (–)
15-1Miha Šimenc31:11.531:11.5 (6)
15-2Miha Licef33:19.21-04:30.7 (12)
15-3Vili Črv29:47.91-34:18.6 (13)
15-4Janez Lampič– (–)
12-1Marko Kilp34:09.634:09.6 (15)
12-2Alvar Alev31:52.31-06:01.9 (15)
12-3Martin Himma– (–)
12-4Henri Roos– (–)