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4 × 5 kilometres Relay, Women

Date12 February 2022 — 15:30
LocationZhangjiakou Nordic Centre and Biathlon Centre, Chongli District, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province
Participants72 from 18 countries
DetailsCourse Length: 5,064 m
Height Differential: 27 m
Maximum Climb: 25 m
Total Climbing: 198 m

In the women’s cross-country relay over 4 x 5 km, first twice in the classical technique, then twice in freestyle, the ROC team won gold with a team made up of Yuliya Stupak, Nataliya Nepryayeva, Tatyana Sorina, and Veronika Stepanova. Germany followed in second place for silver, with Katherine Sauerbrey, Katharina Hennig, Victoria Carl, and Sofie Krehl. It was Germany’ third silver in the event after 2006 and 2010, and their first Olympic cross-country skiing medal since relay bronze at Sochi in 2014. ROC and Germany pulled away from the field early on. Stupak made the first attempt to break, but Sauerbrey ran an incredibly strong second lap and was able to catch up at the first exchange. She wasn’t even part of the World Cup team at the beginning of the season.

Hennig and Nepryayeva were able to keep up the pace, and distance themselves more and more from the other teams. On the penultimate climb, Nepryayeva was able to pull away a little before the next exchange. In the first chasing group were favorites Sweden, with Ebba Andersson, and Norway, with Therese Johaug. Norway had a slight problem after their first runner Tiril Udnes Weng fell, but Johaug pushed Norway into third place, 22.8 seconds behind Victoria Carl.

Carl initially had to let Tatyana Sorina past, but she fought back, as the Russian couldn’t maintain the high pace from the beginning. Carl handed over to Krehl in first place for Germany. The lead over Russia was five seconds, but behind them Norway and Finland, around 15 seconds back, were putting on the pressure.

Krehl, leading at the start of the final leg, could not shake off the Russian sprint specialist Stepanova, who pulled away on the penultimate climb to anchor ROC to a stunning gold. Sweden and Finland came a little bit closer from behind, but Krehl was able to save a small lead of 5.2 seconds to the finish holding off the fast-finishing Jonna Sundling, and Krista Pärmäkoski.

Sweden looked destined to miss out on the medals for most of the race, especially after a disappointing third leg from Frida Karlsson, which saw them slip from third to fifth. However, a strong finish saw Sundling edge out Pärmäkoski in a dramatic final sprint for bronze. Defending champion Norway was shut out of the medals, finishing a disappointing fifth.

PosNrTeamNOCTimeSplit (Pos)
2-1Yuliya Stupak14:21.314:21.3 (1)
2-2Nataliya Nepryayeva14:06.428:27.7 (2)
2-3Tatyana Sorina12:39.241:06.9 (2)
2-4Veronika Stepanova12:34.153:41.0 (1)
5-1Katherine Sauerbrey14:22.814:22.8 (2)
5-2Katharina Hennig14:00.628:23.4 (1)
5-3Victoria Carl12:38.541:01.9 (1)
5-4Sofie Krehl12:57.353:59.2 (2)
6-1Maja Dahlqvist14:41.114:41.1 (5)
6-2Ebba Andersson14:07.328:48.4 (4)
6-3Frida Karlsson12:48.541:36.9 (5)
6-4Jonna Sundling12:24.854:01.7 (3)
3-1Anne Kyllönen14:33.914:33.9 (4)
3-2Johanna Matintalo14:15.028:48.9 (5)
3-3Kerttu Niskanen12:31.141:20.0 (4)
3-4Krista Pärmäkoski12:42.254:02.2 (4)
1-1Tiril Udnes Weng14:48.414:48.4 (8)
1-2Therese Johaug13:57.828:46.2 (3)
1-3Helene Marie Fossesholm12:30.441:16.6 (3)
1-4Ragnhild Haga12:53.254:09.8 (5)
64United StatesUSA55:09.2
4-1Hailey Swirbul14:46.014:46.0 (7)
4-2Rosie Brennan14:13.828:59.8 (7)
4-3Novie McCabe12:59.741:59.5 (6)
4-4Jessie Diggins13:09.755:09.2 (6)
7-1Laurien van der Graaff14:45.214:45.2 (6)
7-2Nadine Fähndrich14:12.928:58.1 (6)
7-3Nadja Kälin13:38.542:36.6 (7)
7-4Alina Meier14:04.956:41.5 (7)
18-1Anna Comarella15:28.115:28.1 (13)
18-2Caterina Ganz15:11.430:39.5 (11)
18-3Martina Di Centa13:17.943:57.4 (9)
18-4Lucia Scardoni13:23.157:20.5 (8)
9-1Katherine Stewart-Jones15:04.515:04.5 (10)
9-2Dahria Beatty15:01.630:06.1 (8)
9-3Cendrine Browne13:17.043:23.1 (8)
9-4Olivia Bouffard-Nesbitt13:57.857:20.9 (9)
1016People's Republic of ChinaCHN57:49.7
16-1Chi Chunxue15:02.915:02.9 (9)
16-2Li Xin15:15.930:18.8 (9)
16-3Jialin Bayani13:39.543:58.3 (10)
16-4Ma Qinghua13:51.457:49.7 (10)
10-1Masako Ishida14:33.614:33.6 (3)
10-2Masae Tsuchiya15:53.930:27.5 (10)
10-3Chika Kobayashi13:59.844:27.3 (11)
10-4Miki Kodama14:13.358:40.6 (11)
17-1Lena Quintin16:06.616:06.6 (16)
17-2Delphine Claudel15:23.831:30.4 (14)
17-3Flora Dolci13:23.644:54.0 (13)
17-4Mélissa Gal14:09.959:03.9 (12)
138Czech RepublicCZE59:32.6
8-1Tereza Beranová17:08.717:08.7 (17)
8-2Petra Nováková15:27.832:36.5 (17)
8-3Kateřina Janatová13:14.645:51.1 (16)
8-4Petra Hynčicová13:41.559:32.6 (13)
12-1Izabela Marcisz15:24.815:24.8 (12)
12-2Monika Skinder16:01.431:26.2 (13)
12-3Weronika Kaleta14:24.845:51.0 (15)
12-4Karolina Kukuczka14:30.51-00:21.5 (14)
11-1Kseniya Shalygina15:51.315:51.3 (15)
11-2Angelina Shuryga16:00.431:51.7 (16)
11-3Nadezhda Stepashkina14:12.046:03.7 (17)
11-4Irina Bykova15:11.71-01:15.4 (15)
14-1Kaidy Kaasiku15:45.515:45.5 (14)
14-2Mariel Pulles15:38.931:24.4 (12)
14-3Keidy Kaasiku14:02.245:26.6 (14)
14-4Aveli Uustalu15:52.31-01:18.9 (16)
15-1Patrīcija Eiduka15:20.815:20.8 (11)
15-2Kitija Auzina16:11.031:31.8 (15)
15-3Baiba Bendika13:11.844:43.6 (12)
15-4Samanta Krampe16:37.01-01:20.6 (17)
13-1Viktoriya Olekh17:55.517:55.5 (18)
13-2Valiantsina Kaminskaya– (–)
13-3Maryna Antsybor– (–)
13-4Daria Rublova– (–)