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Pairs, Mixed

Date18 – 19 February 2022
LocationShoudu Tiyguan, Beijing
Participants36 from 12 countries
FormatTotal of points from short program and free skating.

With Olympic champions Sawtchenko and Massot moving into coaching, the Chinese pair of Sui Wenjing and Han Cong reclaimed the world title in 2019 and would have been favoured to repeat in 2020 had not the COVID-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of the event. In 2021, however, they lost their title to the Russian pairing of Anastasiya Mishina and Aleksandr Gallyamov, who were making their World Championships début, with two other Russian pairs, skating under the banner of the Russian Skating Federation, also closing the gap on them compared to previous years. At the European Championships in January, Russian pairs swept the podium and both the pairings of Mishina and Gallyamov and Yevgeniya Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov broke the existing world’s best total score.

The scene was set for a showdown between the Chinese pair and the Russian Olympic Committee pairs. The first part of the competition saw Han and Sui go into the lead after breaking the world best score for the short program, but the margin over Tarazova and Morozov was only 0.16 points and the other two Russian pairs were still in strong contention. The free skating phase turned out to be one of the most exciting sessions of the entire Beijing programme. Mishina and Galliamov, who were third after the short program, made the podium with a high-class performance but Tarasova and Morozov performed nearly flawlessly to lead with only the Chinese pair to perform. Four years earlier, Sui and Han led at the half-way stage only to make a couple of minor mistakes, which cost them the gold medal by less than a point. In front of a home audience and skating to Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water” they opened with a perfectly executed quadruple twist, which set the tone for the rest of their routine. Their triple salchow, however, was downgraded for its execution and it remained uncertain if they had done enough for win. When the scores were tabulated, they had done just enough and held off the ROC pair by .63. This after losing gold in PyeongChang by just .53 of a point Unsurprisingly, this proved one of the most popular victories of the entire Games as far as the home nation was concerned.

Away from the medals there were some hard luck stories. The Hungarian pair withdrew when one of them was forced out after contracting COVID-19, while Nolan Seegert of Germany also fell victim to the virus and, although he recovered, he was so weakened by the illness that he was unable to lift his partner and they dropped to last place.

As the Games ended the American husband and wife pair of Brandon Frazier and Alexa Scimeca Knierim were informed of a lawsuit by the band “The Heavy Young Heathens”, which also encompassed US Figure Skating and the NBC television network, over use of their version of the song without the artists’ permission. A few days later Laura Barquero of the 11th placed Spanish pair was announced as having failed a doping test for Clostebol. After investigation she and her partner, Marco Zandrón were disqualified in October 2022.

PosNrSkaterNOCPointsShort ProgramFree Skating
1Sui Wenjing / Han CongCHN239.8884.41 (1)155.47 (1)Gold
2Yevgeniya Tarasova / Vladimir MorozovROC239.2584.25 (2)155.00 (2)Silver
3Anastasiya Mishina / Aleksandr GallyamovROC237.7182.76 (3)154.95 (3)Bronze
4Aleksandra Boykova / Dmitry KozlovskyROC220.5078.59 (4)141.91 (4)
5Peng Cheng / Jin YangCHN214.8476.10 (5)138.74 (6)
6Alexa Scimeca Knierim / Brandon FrazierUSA212.6874.23 (6)138.45 (7)
7Riku Miura / Ryuichi KiharaJPN211.8970.85 (8)141.04 (5)
8Ashley Cain-Gribble / Timothy LeDucUSA198.0574.13 (7)123.92 (9)
9Karina Safina / Luka BerulavaGEO192.4466.11 (9)126.33 (8)
10Kirsten Moore-Towers / Michael MarinaroCAN181.3762.51 (12)118.86 (10)
11Vanessa James / Eric RadfordCAN180.9963.03 (11)117.96 (11)
12Nicole Della Monica / Matteo GuariseITA179.8763.58 (10)116.29 (12)
13Rebecca Ghilardi / Filippo AmbrosiniITA165.4355.83 (15)109.6 (13)
14Hailey Kops / Evgeni KrasnopolskiISR153.8255.99 (14)97.83 (14)
15Minerva Hase / Nolan SeegertGER149.6962.37 (13)87.32 (15)
16 r1/2Jelizaveta Žuková / Martin BidařCZE54.64 (16)
17 r1/2Miriam Ziegler / Severin KieferAUT51.96 (17)
DQLaura Barquero 1 / Marco ZandrónESP[181.36][63.34] (DQ)[118.02] (DQ)2
DNSIoulia Chtchetinina / Márk MagyarHUN– (DNS)3

Short Program (18 February 2022 — 18:38)

Judge #1Anja RistGER
Judge #2Anna KantorISR
Judge #3Olga KozhemyakinaRUS
Judge #4Andrea DerbyCAN
Judge #5Elisabeth BinderAUT
Judge #6Zsuzsanna Vikarné-HomolyaHUN
Judge #7Mami MaedaJPN
Judge #8Yekaterina SerovaBLR
Judge #9Marco ButtarelliITA
PosNrSkaterNOCPointsTech. ElementsProgr. ComponentsDeductions
1Sui Wenjing / Han CongCHN84.4145.9638.45Q
2Yevgeniya Tarasova / Vladimir MorozovROC84.2546.0438.21Q
3Anastasiya Mishina / Aleksandr GallyamovROC82.7644.9537.81Q
4Aleksandra Boykova / Dmitry KozlovskyROC78.5942.1736.42Q
5Peng Cheng / Jin YangCHN76.1040.8735.23Q
6Alexa Scimeca Knierim / Brandon FrazierUSA74.2340.6433.59Q
7Ashley Cain-Gribble / Timothy LeDucUSA74.1339.9134.22Q
8Riku Miura / Ryuichi KiharaJPN70.8536.3934.36Q
9Karina Safina / Luka BerulavaGEO66.1136.7429.37Q
10Nicole Della Monica / Matteo GuariseITA63.5833.1631.42-1.00Q
11Vanessa James / Eric RadfordCAN63.0330.3732.66Q
12Kirsten Moore-Towers / Michael MarinaroCAN62.5131.9432.57-2.00Q
13Minerva Hase / Nolan SeegertGER62.3732.4530.92-1.00Q
14Hailey Kops / Evgeni KrasnopolskiISR55.9930.5925.40Q
15Rebecca Ghilardi / Filippo AmbrosiniITA55.8328.3829.45-2.00Q
16Jelizaveta Žuková / Martin BidařCZE54.6429.5627.08-2.00
17Miriam Ziegler / Severin KieferAUT51.9624.5327.43
DQLaura Barquero 4 / Marco ZandrónESP[63.34][34.63][28.71]Q DQ5
DNSIoulia Chtchetinina / Márk MagyarHUN6

Free Skating (19 February 2022 — 19:08)

Judge #1Anna KantorISR
Judge #2Andrea DerbyCAN
Judge #3Yekaterina SerovaBLR
Judge #4Mami MaedaJPN
Judge #5Elisabeth BinderAUT
Judge #6Wang YuminCHN
Judge #7Peggy GrahamUSA
Judge #8Jeroen PrinsNED
Judge #9Marta OlozagarreESP
PosNrSkaterNOCPointsTech. ElementsProgr. ComponentsDeductions
1Sui Wenjing / Han CongCHN155.4778.6176.86
2Yevgeniya Tarasova / Vladimir MorozovROC155.0078.0176.99
3Anastasiya Mishina / Aleksandr GallyamovROC154.9579.7175.24
4Aleksandra Boykova / Dmitry KozlovskyROC141.9170.7571.16
5Riku Miura / Ryuichi KiharaJPN141.0469.9571.09
6Peng Cheng / Jin YangCHN138.7469.0369.71
7Alexa Scimeca Knierim / Brandon FrazierUSA138.4568.9769.48
8Karina Safina / Luka BerulavaGEO126.3363.8862.45
9Ashley Cain-Gribble / Timothy LeDucUSA123.9259.7466.18-2.00
10Kirsten Moore-Towers / Michael MarinaroCAN118.8653.8365.03
11Vanessa James / Eric RadfordCAN117.9653.9864.98-1.00
12Nicole Della Monica / Matteo GuariseITA116.2954.0562.24
13Rebecca Ghilardi / Filippo AmbrosiniITA109.654.8254.78
14Hailey Kops / Evgeni KrasnopolskiISR97.8347.2050.63
15Minerva Hase / Nolan SeegertGER87.3236.6751.65-1.00
DQLaura Barquero 7 / Marco ZandrónESP[118.02][57.90][60.12]8