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Ski Cross, Women

Date17 February 2022
LocationGenting Snow Park, Chongli District, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province
Participants25 from 11 countries
Course SetterKlaus WaldnerGER
DetailsCourse Name: Genting Snow Park - P & X
Elements: 31
Features: 55
Finish Altitude: 1881 m
Length: 1240 m
Start Altitude: 2048 m
Vertical Drop: 167 m

Canadian women had won five of the nine medals since women’s ski cross was introduced to the Olympics in 2010, including all of the golds. The star Canadians in Beijing in 2022 were Marielle Thompson, the 2014 Olympic champion and the 2019 World Champion, and Britt Phelan, the 2018 Olympic runner-up. The dominant skier going into Beijing, however, was Sweden’s Sandra Näslund, who had won the event every time except one in the most recent World Cup season, and was the 2017 and 2021 World Champion.

Näslund won the seeding run, with Fanny Smith of Switzerland, the 2018 Olympic bronze medalist and runner-up at the last two World Championships, in second and Germany’s Daniela Maier in third. Thompson placed fifth, with Phelan seventh. The 1/8th and quarterfinals went as expected, with none of the major contenders failing to advance.

As the field tightened in the semifinals, however, there was room for only four to move on to the big final, and Phelan came third in a heat that saw Maier and Smith place first and second. In the final, Näslund won the gold medal with ease, with Thompson and Smith coming in second and third respectively. After reviewing the race, however, the judges created some controversy by handing Smith a yellow card for improper contact with Maier on the final jump. Despite protests from both skiers, this bumped Maier into the bronze medalist position, while some spectators claimed that similar actions from Thompson were ignored. After the Games ended, however, an appeals commission for the sport determined that the contact “was neither intentional [n]or unavoidable” and that Maier had finished officially in fourth, giving Smith the bronze medal. However, this was appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) and in December 2022, the CAS decision was to award two bronze medals for the event, to Maier and Smith, which was approved by the IOC. Smith was finally given a bronze medal for this event at a ceremony at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland, on 18 April 2023.

1Sandra NäslundSWEGold
2Marielle ThompsonCANSilver
=3Fanny SmithSUIBronze1
=3Daniela MaierGERBronze2
5Britt PhelanCAN
6Courtney HoffosCAN
7Hannah SchmidtCAN
8Sami Kennedy-SimAUS
9Talina GantenbeinSUI
10Jole GalliITA
11Andrea LimbacherAUT
12Katrin OfnerAUT
13Alexandra EdeboSWE
14Jade Grillet-AubertFRA
15Johanna HolzmannGER
16Nastya ChirtsovaROC
17Lucrezia FantelliITA
18Saskja LackSUI
19Yekaterina MaltsevaROC
20Nataliya SherinaROC
21Yelizaveta PonkratovaROC
22Christina FödermayrAUT
23Nikol KučerováCZE
24Ran HongyunCHN
25Pu RuiCHN
DNSAlizée BaronFRA

Seeding Round

Date17 February 2022 — 11:30
FormatQualification round advance 32 skiiers to single-elimination rounds.
1Sandra NäslundSWE1:15.21
2Fanny SmithSUI1:17.06
3Daniela MaierGER1:17.63
4Hannah SchmidtCAN1:18.07
5Marielle ThompsonCAN1:18.16
6Lucrezia FantelliITA1:18.17
7Britt PhelanCAN1:18.17
8Courtney HoffosCAN1:18.28
9Talina GantenbeinSUI1:18.31
10Alexandra EdeboSWE1:18.49
11Sami Kennedy-SimAUS1:19.14
12Jole GalliITA1:19.20
13Saskja LackSUI1:19.21
14Yekaterina MaltsevaROC1:19.45
15Nataliya SherinaROC1:19.49
16Jade Grillet-AubertFRA1:19.54
17Yelizaveta PonkratovaROC1:19.56
18Andrea LimbacherAUT1:19.69
19Katrin OfnerAUT1:19.95
20Johanna HolzmannGER1:20.95
21Christina FödermayrAUT1:21.02
22Nastya ChirtsovaROC1:21.53
23Nikol KučerováCZE1:21.96
24Ran HongyunCHN1:25.85
25Pu RuiCHN1:30.01
DNSAlizée BaronFRA

Round One

Date17 February 2022 — 14:00
FormatTop 2 finishers in each heat advance to quarter-finals.

Heat #1

15Sandra NäslundSWEQ
26Jade Grillet-AubertFRAQ
38Yelizaveta PonkratovaROC

Heat #2

110Courtney HoffosCANQ
21Talina GantenbeinSUIQ
318Ran HongyunCHN
47Pu RuiCHN

Heat #3

111Marielle ThompsonCANQ
213Jole GalliITAQ
34Christina FödermayrAUT

Heat #4

114Hannah SchmidtCANQ
212Johanna HolzmannGERQ
322Saskja LackSUI

Heat #5

116Daniela MaierGERQ
221Katrin OfnerAUTQ
33Yekaterina MaltsevaROC

Heat #6

120Sami Kennedy-SimAUSQ
215Nastya ChirtsovaROCQ
DNF9Lucrezia FantelliITA

Heat #7

124Britt PhelanCANQ
223Alexandra EdeboSWEQ
319Nikol KučerováCZE
DNS17Alizée BaronFRA

Heat #8

125Fanny SmithSUIQ
226Andrea LimbacherAUTQ
32Nataliya SherinaROC


Date17 February 2022 — 14:35
FormatTop 2 finishers in each heat advance to semi-finals.

Heat #1

15Sandra NäslundSWEQ
26Courtney HoffosCANQ
310Talina GantenbeinSUI
41Jade Grillet-AubertFRA

Heat #2

111Marielle ThompsonCANQ
213Hannah SchmidtCANQ
314Jole GalliITA
412Johanna HolzmannGER

Heat #3

116Sami Kennedy-SimAUSQ
221Daniela MaierGERQ
320Katrin OfnerAUT
415Nastya ChirtsovaROC

Heat #4

124Fanny SmithSUIQ
223Britt PhelanCANQ
325Andrea LimbacherAUT
426Alexandra EdeboSWE


Date17 February 2022 — 14:54
FormatTop 2 finishers in each heat advance to Big Final.

Heat #1

15Sandra NäslundSWEQ
26Marielle ThompsonCANQ
311Hannah SchmidtCAN
413Courtney HoffosCAN

Heat #2

116Daniela MaierGERQ
221Fanny SmithSUIQ
324Britt PhelanCAN
423Sami Kennedy-SimAUS

Final Round

Date17 February 2022 — 15:10

Final A

15Sandra NäslundSWE
26Marielle ThompsonCAN
321Fanny SmithSUI3
416Daniela MaierGER

Final B

124Britt PhelanCAN
213Courtney HoffosCAN
311Hannah SchmidtCAN
423Sami Kennedy-SimAUS