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1,500 metres, Women

Date16 February 2022
LocationShoudu Tiyguan, Beijing
Participants36 from 17 countries
FormatPlacements 1-12 based on final and B final. Deeper placements based on placements in earlier rounds, and best time skated.
Olympic Record 2:16.993 / Zhou Yang CHN / 20 February 2010

With giants Suzanne Schulting (1,000 m) and Arianna Fontana (500 m) having both won an individual title in Beijing, the third race seemed to be another duel between them. Schulting had been the better of the two earlier in the year, winning two World Cups, but the overall standings were led by Korea’s Lee Yu-Bin. The defending champion and 2018 and 2019 World Champion Choi Min-Jeong was also a serious title contender, having already won silver in the 1,000 m.

Despite some issues with the timing and lap counter controls, the quarter-finals went as expected. The semi-finals were mostly the same, with Lee and Fontana eliminating Kim Boutin, bronze medalist in the 500 m, in the first heat. Schulting and Hanne Desmet dominated the second semi-final, while Choi bettered the Olympic record in the final heat, with Han Yutong and Xandra Velzeboer tagging along.

Han attempted to pull away from the field early in the final, with Schulting quickly catching up. The two did not press, and the rest of the field reconnected, with Choi now taking charge. At three laps to go, Schulting attempted to pass Han, but was pushed to the outside, dropping her back behind Fontana. Schulting quickly passed Han on the next opportunity, but with the high pace set by Choi, there were no further options for passing.

This made Choi the third 2018 female short-track skater to retain her 2018 title, after Fontana (500 m) and Schulting (1,000 m), and with all three of them ending up on the podium.

PosNrSkaterNOCLast RacePositionsBest Time
140Choi Min-JeongKORAF-11-12:16.831Gold
23Arianna FontanaITAAF-22-22:17.862Silver
31Suzanne SchultingNEDAF-31-12:17.865Bronze
45Hanne DesmetBELAF-42-22:18.711
56Xandra VelzeboerNEDAF-53-22:18.303
647Lee Yu-BinKORAF-61-22:17.851
736Han YutongCHNAF-72-32:17.112
865Sumire KikuchiJPNBF-16-12:23.359
98Kristen SantosUSABF-25-12:21.027
1035Kim BoutinCANBF-33-12:17.739
112Courtney SaraultCANBF-44-12:18.316
1212Cynthia MascittoITABF-53-32:20.268
1344Kim A-RangKORBF-64-12:22.420
1423Michaela SejpalováCZEBF-74-42:21.278
157Sofya ProsvirnovaROCSF-55-32:19.432
1656Rianne de VriesNEDSF-55-42:18.712
1745Zhang YutingCHNSF-66-32:18.741
1832Corinne StoddardUSASF-66-32:22.632
19142Anna VostrikovaROCSF-77-22:20.705
2042Zhang ChutongCHNSF-77-42:19.893
2193Julie LetaiUSASF-88-52:23.315
2210Petra JászapátiHUNSF-DQ0-22:22.115
2358Yuki KikuchiJPNQF-40-42:22.192
2451Kamila StormowskaPOLQF-40-42:33.603
2546Danaé BlaisCANQF-40-4
2628Valentina AščićCROQF-50-52:21.456
2771Shione KaminagaJPNQF-50-52:22.261
2860Arianna SighelITAQF-50-52:22.318
2916Natalia MaliszewskaPOLQF-50-52:25.850
3084Gwendoline DaudetFRAQF-60-62:23.607
3120Tifany Huot-MarchandFRAQF-60-62:23.784
32121Uliana DubrovaUKRQF-60-62:26.832
339Yekaterina YefremenkovaROCQF-60-6
DQ27Zsófia KónyaHUN[QF-DQ][0-0]
DQ67Anna SeidelGER[QF-DQ][0-0]
DQ72Olga TikhonovaKAZ[QF-DQ][0-0]

Round One (16 February 2022 — 19:30)

Top three finishers in each heat advanced to semi-finals.

Heat #1 (19:30)

12Choi Min-JeongKOR2:20.846Q
23Petra JászapátiHUN2:22.115Q
31Zhang YutingCHN2:22.161Q
44Rianne de VriesNED2:22.244ADV
55Arianna SighelITA2:22.318
66Gwendoline DaudetFRA2:23.607

Heat #2

12Kim A-RangKOR2:32.879Q
21Arianna FontanaITA2:32.946Q
34Corinne StoddardUSA2:33.329Q
45Kamila StormowskaPOL2:33.603
56Julie LetaiUSA2:36.214ADV
DQ3Anna SeidelGER

Heat #3

11Kristen SantosUSA2:21.027Q
22Xandra VelzeboerNED2:21.148Q
33Sumire KikuchiJPN2:23.359Q
44Danaé BlaisCAN
DQ6Zsófia KónyaHUN
DQ5Olga TikhonovaKAZ

Heat #4

11Courtney SaraultCAN2:20.365Q
24Anna VostrikovaROC2:21.113Q
32Han YutongCHN2:21.191Q
45Michaela SejpalováCZE2:21.278q
56Valentina AščićCRO2:21.456
63Tifany Huot-MarchandFRA2:23.784

Heat #5

12Kim BoutinCAN2:17.739Q
21Lee Yu-BinKOR2:17.851Q
33Cynthia MascittoITA2:20.268Q
44Yuki KikuchiJPN2:22.192
56Shione KaminagaJPN2:22.261
65Uliana DubrovaUKR2:26.832

Heat #6

11Suzanne SchultingNED2:18.810Q
23Hanne DesmetBEL2:18.931Q
35Sofya ProsvirnovaROC2:19.432Q
46Zhang ChutongCHN2:19.839q
54Natalia MaliszewskaPOL2:25.850
62Yekaterina YefremenkovaROC

Semi-Finals (16 February 2022 — 20:15)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to final.

Heat #1 (20:15)

12Lee Yu-BinKOR2:22.157Q
26Arianna FontanaITA2:22.196Q
31Kim BoutinCAN2:22.371
45Kim A-RangKOR2:22.420
53Sofya ProsvirnovaROC2:22.546
67Corinne StoddardUSA2:22.632
74Zhang ChutongCHN2:26.717

Heat #2

11Suzanne SchultingNED2:18.942Q
22Hanne DesmetBEL2:19.001Q
33Cynthia MascittoITA2:20.272
45Michaela SejpalováCZE2:21.386
54Kristen SantosUSA2:31.067
67Sumire KikuchiJPN
DQ6Petra JászapátiHUN

Heat #3

12Choi Min-JeongKOR2:16.831QOR
25Han YutongCHN2:17.112Q
34Xandra VelzeboerNED2:18.303q
41Courtney SaraultCAN2:18.316
57Rianne de VriesNED2:18.712
66Zhang YutingCHN2:18.741
73Anna VostrikovaROC2:20.705
88Julie LetaiUSA2:23.315

Final Round (16 February 2022 — 21:11)

B Final (21:11)

17Sumire KikuchiJPN2:37.915
26Kristen SantosUSA2:45.492
34Kim BoutinCAN2:45.568
41Courtney SaraultCAN2:45.606
52Cynthia MascittoITA2:45.697
65Kim A-RangKOR2:45.707
73Michaela SejpalováCZE2:46.664

A Final (21:18)

11Choi Min-JeongKOR2:17.789
27Arianna FontanaITA2:17.862
34Suzanne SchultingNED2:17.865
45Hanne DesmetBEL2:18.711
53Xandra VelzeboerNED2:18.781
66Lee Yu-BinKOR2:18.825
72Han YutongCHN2:19.060