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Large Hill, Team, Men

Date14 February 2022 — 18:59
LocationZhangjiakou National Ski Jumping Centre, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province
Participants44 from 11 countries
FormatTwo jumps per team member, with both scored on distance and form. Four members per team, with all four jumps in each round to count towards team total. Only the top 8 teams from the first jump advance to the second jump.
Judge ADan MattoonUSA
Judge BLiang BingCHN
Judge CStanislav SlavíkCZE
Judge DJørn LarsenNOR
Judge EVadim LisovskyRUS
Judge SCJürgen WinklerAUT
DetailsHill Size : 140 m
Inrun Angle : 35°
Inrun Length : 105.2 m
K-Point : 125 m
Landing Angle : 34.1°
Take-Off Angle : 11°
Take-Off Height : 3.13 m
Total Height : 136.2 m

Norway was the defending Olympic champion in the men’s team large hill, but they had not seen the podium at either of the two World Championships since the PyeongChang Games. Those had been won by Germany, with Austria taking runner-up both times and bronze going to Japan and Poland in 2019 and 2021 respectively. In the three times that the event had been held in the most recent World Cup season, Austria had won twice and Slovenia once.

In the first round, Slovenia took the lead, with Austria second and Norway a little further back in third. In the second round, however, Austrian Jan Hörl pulled off the second-farthest jump of the competition to help pull his country into the gold medal position, where they could not be reached, even after a great performance by Slovenia’s Cene Prevc, who helped his nation earn silver. This was Austria’s first Olympic ski jumping title since 2010, when they had won this event. The best jump of the event, however, went to Markus Eisenbichler, who travelled 139.5 metres to raise Germany from fourth place into the bronze medal position. Norwegian star Robert Johansson attempted to make up the difference, but could not, thus leaving his team in fourth.

PosCompetitorsNOCPointsJump #1Jump #2
1AustriaAUT942.7458.4 (2)484.3 (1)Gold
Stefan Kraft 231.3111.6119.7
Daniel Huber 231.2116.1115.1
Jan Hörl 250.7120.2130.5
Manuel Fettner 229.5110.5119.0
2SloveniaSLO934.4467.4 (1)467.0 (3)Silver
Lovro Kos 234.4126.7107.7
Cene Prevc 245.6119.3126.3
Timi Zajc 227.6110.6117.0
Peter Prevc 226.8110.8116.0
3GermanyGER922.9446.5 (4)476.4 (2)Bronze
Constantin Schmid 219.3112.7106.6
Stephan Leyhe 222.0108.7113.3
Markus Eisenbichler 256.9119.4137.5
Karl Geiger 224.7105.7119.0
4NorwayNOR922.1456.5 (3)465.6 (4)
Halvor Egner Granerud 236.8128.3108.5
Daniel-André Tande 231.9118.2113.7
Robert Johansson 237.5109.7127.8
Marius Lindvik 215.9100.3115.6
5JapanJPN882.8438.5 (5)444.3 (6)
Yukiya Sato 225.7110.8114.9
Naoki Nakamura 194.496.697.8
Junshiro Kobayashi 204.1105.199.0
Ryoyu Kobayashi 258.6126.0132.6
6PolandPOL880.1434.5 (6)445.6 (5)
Piotr Żyła 215.996.4119.5
Paweł Wąsek 213.3116.197.2
Dawid Kubacki 203.095.5107.5
Kamil Stoch 247.9126.5121.4
7ROCROC806.5410.6 (7)395.9 (8)
Danil Sadreyev 215.8115.4100.4
Roman Trofimov 202.8103.199.7
Mikhail Nazarov 182.192.889.3
Yevgeny Klimov 205.899.3106.5
8SwitzerlandSUI791.5367.0 (8)424.5 (7)
Dominik Peter 191.187.7103.4
Gregor Deschwanden 214.2103.6110.6
Simon Ammann 192.487.5104.9
Killian Peier 193.888.2105.6
9Czech RepublicCZE279.5279.5 (9)
Viktor Polášek 76.876.8
Čestmír Kožíšek 70.970.9
Filip Sakala 55.455.4
Roman Koudelka 76.476.4
10United StatesUSA261.0261.0 (10)
Decker Dean 69.369.3
Patrick Gasienica 59.759.7
Kevin Bickner 63.563.5
Casey Larson 68.568.5
11People's Republic of ChinaCHN115.0115.0 (11)
Zhen Weijie 13.513.5
Lyu Yixin 35.335.3
Song Qiwu 31.731.7
Zhou Xiaoyang 34.534.5