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10 kilometres, Women

Date20 February 1960
LocationMcKinney Creek Stadium, Tahoma, California
Participants24 from 7 countries
DetailsCourse Length: ?
Height Differential: ?
Intermediate 1: 5.0 km
Maximum Climb: ?
Total Climbing: ?

The Soviet ladies had dominated this event since they made their first appearance in the 1954 World Championships, winning all the gold medals since then. At the World Championships in 1958 they won gold and silver, with Alevtina Kolchina the winner ahead of defending Olympic Champion Lyubov Kozyreva, who was entered for Squaw Valley under her new married name Baranova.

The 1960 10 km race was totally dominated by the Soviet ladies. At the halfway point, defending champion Baranova was in the lead, 15 seconds ahead of World Champion Kolchina. But Mariya Gusakova, sixth in the 1958 World Championships and 23 seconds behind the leader at 5 km, had the strongest finish of all and won by a comfortable margin, 18 seconds ahead of Baranova. Radiya Yeroshina, silver medalist from 1956, finished six seconds ahead of Kolchina and secured the bronze medal. The bronze medalist from 1956, now competing under her married name Sonja Ruthström, was the best non-Soviet skier in fifth place, 23 seconds behind Kolchina. The youngest competitor in the field of 24, Bulgarian Krastana Stoeva, was best of the Middle Europeans, placing ninth.

Two days after Gusakovas’s Olympic triumph, her husband Nikolay Gusakov won the bronze medal in Nordic Combined.

18Mariya GusakovaURS39:46.6Gold
219Lyubov BaranovaURS40:04.2Silver
315Radya YeroshinaURS40:06.0Bronze
45Alevtina KolchinaURS40:12.6
521Sonja RuthströmSWE40:35.5
624Toini PöystiFIN40:41.9
76Barbro MartinssonSWE41:06.2
816Irma JohanssonSWE41:08.3
923Krastana StoevaBUL41:44.0
102Britt StrandbergSWE42:06.8
111Eeva RuoppaFIN42:12.8
1217Rita Czech-BlaselGER42:29.0
1322Stefania BiegunPOL42:45.2
1412Józefa CzerniawskaPOL42:45.5
1514Siiri RantanenFIN42:52.7
169Renate BorgesGER43:46.1
1711Eva HögFIN44:05.0
1818Sonnhilde KallusGER44:14.6
1913Nadezhda VasilevaBUL44:32.8
204Anna Krzeptowska-ŻebrackaPOL44:36.1
217Helena Gąsienica DanielPOL45:08.2
2210Roza DimovaBUL45:45.8
2320Magdolna BarthaHUN47:23.2
DNF3Christa GöhlerGER