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Featherweight (≤126 pounds), Men

Date27 October 1908
LocationNorthampton Institute, Clerkenwell
Participants8 from 2 countries
FormatSingle elimination tournament.

The winner, Richard Gunn, had two decisions and one knock-out in his three bouts. He was 37 years old in 1908, having won the ABA featherweight championship in 1894-1896. He then retired at the request of the boxing officials because of his superiority over all his competitors, but he came out of retirement for the 1908 Olympics. The runner-up, Charley Morris, had been ABA champion in this class in 1904. In the final, Gunn won the first round and Morris the second, but Gunn, despite his age, outpointed Morris in the 3rd round for the decision.

1Dick GunnGBRGold
2Charlie MorrisGBRSilver
3Hugh RoddinGBRBronze1
4Tom RingerGBR
=5Louis ConstantFRA
=5Étienne PoillotFRA
=5John LloydGBR
=5Edward AdamsGBR
DNSL. LacombeFRA
DNSWilliam NortonGBR
DNSArthur MinerGBR

Quarter-Finals (27 October 1908)

Winner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.

Match #1 Tom RingerGBR Louis ConstantFRA Decision (– - –)
Match #2 Dick GunnGBR Étienne PoillotFRA Referee Stops Contest (Round 2)
Match #3 Hugh RoddinGBR John LloydGBR Decision (– - –)
Match #4 Charlie MorrisGBR Edward AdamsGBR Decision (– - –)

Semi-Finals (27 October 1908)

Winner of each match advanced to the final match.

Match #1 Dick GunnGBR Tom RingerGBR Decision (– - –)
Match #2 Charlie MorrisGBR Hugh RoddinGBR Decision (– - –)

Final Round (27 October 1908)

Match 1/2 Dick GunnGBR Charlie MorrisGBR Decision (– - –)