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Middleweight (≤160 pounds), Men

Date21 – 24 August 1920
LocationFeestzaal, Koninklijke Zoölogische Maatschappij, Antwerpen
Participants17 from 9 countries
FormatSingle elimination tournament.

Harry Mallin ran through the North Americans to win his gold medal, defeating Americans in the first two rounds and Canadians in the semi-final and final. In the second round against Samuel Lagonia, Lagonia was disqualified for clinching in the second round. The U.S. report stated that the decision was grossly unfair and that it was Mallin who should have been disqualified. However, the Belgian newspapers stated that Mallin was well ahead at the time of the disqualification and that Lagonia was stalling a great deal. Mallin is considered the greatest amateur boxer ever from England. He was apparently never beaten in the ring. In 1924, he returned to the Olympics and became the first boxer to defend an Olympic championship. Lagonia was U.S. AAU Champion from 1919-1921. The 1919 Inter-Allied Champion in this class competed at Antwerp, but Eddie Eagan moved up to the light-heavyweight class.

1Harry MallinGBRGold
2Art Prud'hommeCANSilver
3Moe HerscovitchCANBronze
4Hjalmar StrømmeNOR
=5Bill BradleyRSA
=5Samuel LagoniaUSA
=5Martin OlsenDEN
=5Michel Rey-GollietFRA
=9Ted WhiteGBR
=9Jean DortetFRA
=9Louis MassonBEL
=9Georg KruseDEN
=9Joseph CranstonUSA
=9Rolf JacobsenNOR
=9Jan HestermanNED
=9Paul MuntingNED
17Joseph SimononBEL

Round One

Date21 August 1920
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the second round.
Match #121 AugMartin OlsenDEN
Match #221 AugTed WhiteGBR
Match #321 AugHjalmar StrømmeNOR
Match #421 AugJean DortetFRADisqualifiedJoseph SimononBEL
Match #521 AugArt Prud'hommeCAN
Match #621 AugLouis MassonBEL
Match #721 AugMichel Rey-GollietFRA
Match #821 AugGeorg KruseDEN
Match #921 AugHarry MallinGBR
Match #1021 AugJoseph CranstonUSA
Match #1121 AugSamuel LagoniaUSA
Match #1221 AugRolf JacobsenNOR
Match #1321 AugBill BradleyRSA
Match #1421 AugJan HestermanNED
Match #1521 AugMoe HerscovitchCAN
Match #1621 AugPaul MuntingNED

Round Two

Date22 August 1920
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.
Match #122 AugMartin OlsenDENKnock-outTed WhiteGBR
Match #222 AugHjalmar StrømmeNORDecisionJean DortetFRA
Match #322 AugArt Prud'hommeCANKnock-outLouis MassonBEL
Match #422 AugMichel Rey-GollietFRADecisionGeorg KruseDEN
Match #522 AugHarry MallinGBRDecisionJoseph CranstonUSA
Match #622 AugSamuel LagoniaUSADecisionRolf JacobsenNOR
Match #722 AugBill BradleyRSADecisionJan HestermanNED
Match #822 AugMoe HerscovitchCANDecisionPaul MuntingNED


Date23 August 1920
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.
Match #123 AugHjalmar StrømmeNORDecisionMartin OlsenDEN
Match #223 AugArt Prud'hommeCANKnock-outMichel Rey-GollietFRA
Match #323 AugHarry MallinGBRDisqualifiedSamuel LagoniaUSA
Match #423 AugMoe HerscovitchCANWalkoverBill BradleyRSA


Date23 August 1920
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the final match.
Match #123 AugArt Prud'hommeCANKnock-outHjalmar StrømmeNOR
Match #223 AugHarry MallinGBRDecisionMoe HerscovitchCAN

Final Round

Date24 August 1920
Match 1/224 AugHarry MallinGBRDecisionArt Prud'hommeCAN
Match 3/424 AugMoe HerscovitchCANKnock-outHjalmar StrømmeNOR