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Kayak Doubles, 500 metres, Women

Date26 – 29 August 1960
LocationLago Albano, Castel Gandolfo
Participants22 from 11 countries

The women’s K-2 500 was held for the first time at the Olympics at the 1960 Games, although it had been held at the World Championships in 1948, 1950, 1954, and 1958. Mariya Shubina was one half of the reigning World Championship duo from the Soviet Union and was partnered with World runner-up Antonina Seredina in Rome. Therese Zenz and Ingrid Hartmann of West Germany were the most recent World bronze medalists and competed under the banner of unified Germany at the Games. These two nations were also the only ones to win medals in the event at the inaugural two European Championships in 1957 and 1959, making both teams strong favorites in the 1960 Games. They were placed in the same heat in the opening round, with the Soviets emerging as distinctly superior, while the other heat was won by Daniela Walkowiak and Janina Mendalska of Poland. The final was more or less evenly spread out, with the Soviets, the Germans, and the Hungarian pair of Klára Bánfalvi-Fried and Vilma Egresi finishing in that order with room to breathe. The Hungarians had come in third in the Soviet and German heat in the opening round and had won gold and silver respectively in the K-2 500 event at the 1954 World Championships. For Seredina and Zenz, meanwhile, the top two results were the same as in the K-1 500, in which Seredina and Zenz again finished 1-2 in the final.

1Mariya Shubina / Antonina SeredinaURS1:55.93 (1 h1)1:54.76 (1)GoldOB
2Therese Zenz / Ingrid HartmannGER1:59.01 (2 h1)1:56.66 (2)Silver
3Klára Friedné Bánfalvi / Vilma EgresiHUN2:01.86 (3 h1)1:58.22 (3)Bronze
4Daniela Walkowiak / Janina MendalskaPOL2:01.03 (1 h2)1:59.03 (4)
5Anni Werner-Hansen / Birgit JensenDEN2:03.98 (2 h2)2:01.36 (5)
6Maria Szekeli / Elena LipalitROU2:04.32 (4 h2)2:10.17 (3)2:01.68 (6)
7Gabriella Cotta Ramusino / Luciana GuindaniITA2:05.40 (4 h1)2:08.85 (1)2:02.47 (7)
8Eva Kutová / Eva KolínskáTCH2:04.22 (3 h2)2:02.76 (8)
9Helga Wiedermann / Lisa SchindlerAUT2:06.30 (5 h1)2:10.00 (2)2:02.85 (9)
4 h1 r2/3Heidi Sager / Cynthia NicholasAUS2:12.20 (6 h1)2:14.11 (4)
5 h1 r2/3Mary Ann DuChai / Diane JeromeUSA2:15.51 (5 h2)2:21.13 (5)

Round One (26 August 1960 — 11:10)

Top three in each heat advanced to the final. All others advanced to the Repêchage.

Heat One

1Mariya Shubina / Antonina SeredinaURS1:55.93QOB
2Therese Zenz / Ingrid HartmannGER1:59.01Q
3Klára Friedné Bánfalvi / Vilma EgresiHUN2:01.86Q
4Gabriella Cotta Ramusino / Luciana GuindaniITA2:05.40
5Helga Wiedermann / Lisa SchindlerAUT2:06.30
6Heidi Sager / Cynthia NicholasAUS2:12.20

Heat Two

1Daniela Walkowiak / Janina MendalskaPOL2:01.03Q
2Anni Werner-Hansen / Birgit JensenDEN2:03.98Q
3Eva Kutová / Eva KolínskáTCH2:04.22Q
4Maria Szekeli / Elena LipalitROU2:04.32
5Mary Ann DuChai / Diane JeromeUSA2:15.51

Repêchage (27 August 1960 — 15:50)

Top three in each heat advanced to the final.

1Gabriella Cotta Ramusino / Luciana GuindaniITA2:08.85Q
2Helga Wiedermann / Lisa SchindlerAUT2:10.00Q
3Maria Szekeli / Elena LipalitROU2:10.17Q
4Heidi Sager / Cynthia NicholasAUS2:14.11
5Mary Ann DuChai / Diane JeromeUSA2:21.13

Final Round (29 August 1960 — 16:40)

1Mariya Shubina / Antonina SeredinaURS1:54.76OB
2Therese Zenz / Ingrid HartmannGER1:56.66
3Klára Friedné Bánfalvi / Vilma EgresiHUN1:58.22
4Daniela Walkowiak / Janina MendalskaPOL1:59.03
5Anni Werner-Hansen / Birgit JensenDEN2:01.36
6Maria Szekeli / Elena LipalitROU2:01.68
7Gabriella Cotta Ramusino / Luciana GuindaniITA2:02.47
8Eva Kutová / Eva KolínskáTCH2:02.76
9Helga Wiedermann / Lisa SchindlerAUT2:02.85