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Featherweight (≤60 kilograms), Men

Date21 July 1924
LocationVélodrome d'Hiver, Paris
Participants21 from 11 countries
FormatTotal of best lifts in one-hand snatch, one-hand clean & jerk, military press, two-hand snatch, and two-hand clean & jerk determined placement.
Olympic Record (≤60 kg, 1-Hand Clean & Jerk)65.0 / Gustav Eriksson SWE / 29 August 1920
65.0 / Ludvík Wágner TCH / 29 August 1920
65.0 / Eugène Ryter SUI / 29 August 1920
65.0 / Alfred Schmidt EST / 29 August 1920
65.0 / Frans De Haes BEL / 29 August 1920
Olympic Record (≤60 kg, 1-Hand Snatch)60.0 / Frans De Haes BEL / 29 August 1920
Olympic Record (≤60 kg, Clean & Jerk)95.0 / André Delloue FRA / 29 August 1920
95.0 / Frans De Haes BEL / 29 August 1920

The 1922 World Champion, Heinrich Graf, had turned professional, leaving the 1923 Champion, Austrian Andreas Stadler as the top favourite in this event. He had won the World Championships in Vienna, where the entire podium had been Austrian (with Rosinek in second). But a more international field was present in Paris, and Stadler could not match the performances of 20-year-old Pierino Gabetti of Sestri Ponente. The Italian had the best lift in four of the five events and won by a wide margin.

1Pierino GabettiITA402.5ORGold
2Andreas StadlerAUT385.0Silver
3Arthur ReinmannSUI382.5Bronze
4Maurice MartinFRA380.0
5Willi RosinekAUT375.0
6Gustav ErnesaksEST372.5
7Alfred BaxterGBR370.0
8Edgar JuilleratSUI367.5
=9Antonín HraběTCH365.0
=9Raymond SuvignyFRA365.0
11René CatalasFRA360.0
12Nicolaas MoerloosBEL355.0
13Albert MaesBEL352.5
14Cemal ErçmanTUR345.0
15Sante ScarciaITA342.5
16Augustus CumminsGBR337.5
17Thomas TaylorGBR317.5
=18Giuseppe ConcaITA275.0
=18Franz AndrysekAUT275.0
ACAntónio PereiraPORDNF
ACSigfrid HylanderSWEDNF