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Middleweight (≤77 kilograms), Men

Date22 September 2000 — 10:30 (B), 18:30 (A)
LocationSydney Convention Centre, Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Sydney, New South Wales (Convention Centre)
Participants17 from 15 countries
FormatTotal of best lifts in snatch and clean & jerk determined placement. Ties broken by lightest bodyweight.

This event was decimated by doping problems. At the 2000 Europeans, Bulgarians Zlatan Vanev and Plamen Zhelyakov had placed 1-2. Zhelyakov was the 1998 World Champion whil Vanev had won in 1997. However, by the time this event had started three Bulgarians had already tested positive in Sydney and their weightlifting team was expelled. “Food poisoning” then became rampant among former Bulgarians, as two Qataris who had transferred allegiance from Bulgaria, Saelem Nayef Badr, the former Petar Tanev and the 1999 World Champion, and Sulyan Abbas Nader, formerly Andrey Ivanov, both magically came down with stomach issues and had to withdraw.

This left Zhan Xugang of China a clear road to his second gold medal, having won the 1996 lightweight class, but he trailed Greece’s Viktor Mitrou, a former Albanian, after the snatch, and had to equal the clean & jerk world record of 207.5 kg to enable them to tie with 367.5 kg total. Zhan won the gold medal on bodyweight. Mitrou was fourth in this class in 1996 and 2004.

1Zhan XugangCHN367.5ORGold
2Viktor MitrouGRE367.5ORSilver
3Arsen MelikyanARM365.0Bronze
4Sergey FilimonovKAZ362.5
5Ilirian SuliALB355.0
6Chon Chol-HoPRK352.5
7Ingo SteinhöfelGER350.0
8Dmytro HnidenkoUKR350.0
9Idalberto ArandaCUB350.0
10Mehmet YılmazTUR347.5
11Ruslan SavchenkoUKR337.5
12Oscar Chaplin, IIIUSA335.0
13Ayhan CicekTUR325.0
14Damian BrownAUS320.0
15Carlos SauríPUR305.0
16Joseph BellonSLE200.0
DNFMohamed Hossein BarkhahIRI