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Ski Cross, Women

Date21 February 2014
LocationEkstrim-Park Rosa Khutor, Krasnaya Polyana
Participants28 from 12 countries
DetailsFeatures: 41
Length: 1250 m
Start Altitude: 1201 m
Vertical Drop: 187 m

The favorite was France’s Ophélie David, considered an icon in the sport, but one who started her Olympic career competing in Alpine skiing for Hungary in 1994. David was the 2007 World Champion in skiier-cross and came to Sochi with seven years atop the World Cup standings (2004-10), three World Championship medals, 26 World Cup wins, and 55 World Cup podiums. By now 37-years-old, she was hoping to cap her career with the gold medal she had missed in 2010.

Unlike many of the extreme events, most of the favorites progressed as expected and the final consisted of David, 2011 World Champion Kelsey Serwa of Canada, her teammate Marielle Thompson, the 2011/12 World Cup champion, and Sweden’s Anna Holmlund, a bronze medalist at the 2011 Worlds.

David took the lead early in the final and seemed on her way to that Olympic medal, but she flew too deep into the landing of a jump on the Kremlin section of the course and skidded out when she could not absorb the landing, allowing Holmlund to pass, her Olympic dream and her career ended. Holmlund could not hold the lead, as both Canadians passed her and Thompson held off Serwa for the gold medal, Holmlund taking bronze.

1Marielle ThompsonCANGold
2Kelsey SerwaCANSilver
3Anna HolmlundSWEBronze
4Ophélie DavidFRA
5Sandra NäslundSWE
6Katrin OfnerAUT
7Katya CremaAUS
8Fanny SmithSUI
9Anna WörnerGER
10Katrin MüllerSUI
11Yuliya LivinskayaRUS
12Jenny OwensAUS
13Sanna LüdiSUI
14Georgia SimmerlingCAN
15Karolina Riemen-ŻerebeckaPOL
16Steph JoffroyCHI
17Marte Høie GjefsenNOR
18Heidi ZacherGER
19Marielle BergerFRA
20Alizée BaronFRA
21Andrea ZemanováCZE
22Andrea LimbacherAUT
23Christina StaudingerAUT
24Nikol KučerováCZE
25Jorinde MüllerSUI
26Nastya ChirtsovaRUS
27Marion JosserandFRA
28Sami Kennedy-SimAUS

Seeding Round

Date21 February 2014 — 11:45
FormatQualification round advance 32 skiiers to single-elimination rounds.
1Kelsey SerwaCAN1:21.45
2Ophélie DavidFRA1:21.46
3Marielle ThompsonCAN1:21.56
4Anna HolmlundSWE1:22.21
5Marte Høie GjefsenNOR1:22.33
6Sanna LüdiSUI1:22.37
7Jorinde MüllerSUI1:22.46
8Georgia SimmerlingCAN1:22.52
9Anna WörnerGER1:22.95
10Sandra NäslundSWE1:23.28
11Katya CremaAUS1:23.47
12Katrin MüllerSUI1:23.85
13Katrin OfnerAUT1:24.10
14Yuliya LivinskayaRUS1:24.21
15Heidi ZacherGER1:24.24
16Fanny SmithSUI1:24.61
17Marielle BergerFRA1:24.62
18Karolina Riemen-ŻerebeckaPOL1:24.86
19Alizée BaronFRA1:25.20
20Andrea ZemanováCZE1:25.96
21Nastya ChirtsovaRUS1:25.99
22Marion JosserandFRA1:26.61
23Andrea LimbacherAUT1:26.88
24Christina StaudingerAUT1:28.30
25Sami Kennedy-SimAUS1:38.51
26Jenny OwensAUS1:59.84
DNFNikol KučerováCZE
DNFSteph JoffroyCHI

Round One

Date21 February 2014 — 13:30
FormatTop 2 finishers in each heat advance to quarter-finals.

Heat #1

1Red-2Kelsey SerwaCANQ
2Green-3Fanny SmithSUIQ
3Blue-1Marielle BergerFRA

Heat #2

1Red-2Georgia SimmerlingCANQ
2Green-3Anna WörnerGERQ
3Blue-1Christina StaudingerAUT
DNFYellow-4Sami Kennedy-SimAUS

Heat #3

1Green-3Katrin MüllerSUIQ
2Yellow-4Steph JoffroyCHIQ
3Red-2Marte Høie GjefsenNOR
DNFBlue-1Nastya ChirtsovaRUS

Heat #4

1Red-2Anna HolmlundSWEQ
2Green-3Katrin OfnerAUTQ
3Blue-1Andrea ZemanováCZE

Heat #5

1Red-2Marielle ThompsonCANQ
2Green-3Yuliya LivinskayaRUSQ
3Blue-4Alizée BaronFRA

Heat #6

1Red-2Sanna LüdiSUIQ
2Green-3Katya CremaAUSQ
3Yellow-4Nikol KučerováCZE
4Blue-1Marion JosserandFRA

Heat #7

1Green-2Sandra NäslundSWEQ
2Yellow-4Jenny OwensAUSQ
3Blue-1Andrea LimbacherAUT
DNFRed-3Jorinde MüllerSUI

Heat #8

1Red-2Ophélie DavidFRAQ
2Blue-4Karolina Riemen-ŻerebeckaPOLQ
3Green-3Heidi ZacherGER


Date21 February 2014 — 14:05
FormatTop 2 finishers in each heat advance to semi-finals.

Heat #1

1Red-2Kelsey SerwaCANQ
2Green-4Fanny SmithSUIQ
DNFGreen-1Anna WörnerGER
DNFRed-3Georgia SimmerlingCAN

Heat #2

1Green-1Katrin OfnerAUTQ
2Red-2Anna HolmlundSWEQ
3Green-3Katrin MüllerSUI
DNFYellow-4Steph JoffroyCHI

Heat #3

1Red-2Marielle ThompsonCANQ
2Green-1Katya CremaAUSQ
3Green-4Yuliya LivinskayaRUS
DNFRed-3Sanna LüdiSUI

Heat #4

1Red-2Ophélie DavidFRAQ
2Green-3Sandra NäslundSWEQ
3Yellow-1Jenny OwensAUS
DNFBlue-4Karolina Riemen-ŻerebeckaPOL


Date21 February 2014 — 14:25
FormatTop 2 finishers in each heat advance to Big Final.

Heat #1

1Red-3Anna HolmlundSWEQ
2Red-2Kelsey SerwaCANQ
3Green-1Katrin OfnerAUT
4Green-4Fanny SmithSUI

Heat #2

1Red-3Marielle ThompsonCANQ
2Red-2Ophélie DavidFRAQ
3Green-4Katya CremaAUS
DNFGreen-1Sandra NäslundSWE

Final Round

Date21 February 2014 — 14:41

Final A

1Red-3Marielle ThompsonCAN
2Red-2Kelsey SerwaCAN
3Red-4Anna HolmlundSWE
4Red-1Ophélie DavidFRA

Final B

1Green-2Sandra NäslundSWE
2Green-1Katrin OfnerAUT
3Green-3Katya CremaAUS
4Green-4Fanny SmithSUI