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Cross, Men1

Date18 February 2014
LocationEkstrim-Park Rosa Khutor, Krasnaya Polyana / Ekstrim-Park Rosa Khutor, Krasnaya Polyana
Participants38 from 15 countries
Course SetterUwe BeierGER
Course BuilderDavid NySWE
DetailsCourse Length: 750 m
Features: 22
Start Altitude: 1187 m
Vertical Drop: 172 m

The boardercross event was delayed one day because fog on the Rosa Khutor Extreme Park made the course impossible to see. When it started a day later, there was still fog, which made visibility poor on the higher parts of the course. The favorites were Australian Alex Pullin, the 2011 and 2013 World Champion, and American Nate Holland, who had won the X-Games in the event only a few weeks before Sochi, but Pullin went out in the quarter-finals and Holland did not get past the first round. The 2014 World Cup leader, Italian Omar Visintin, crashed in his semi-final and was taken from the course on a stretcher.

The gold medal eventually went to Frenchman Pierre Vaultier in a huge upset. Vaultier had no major podium finishes, had spent most of the past several seasons injured, and had torn his anterior cruciate ligament only two months before the Sochi Olympics. In the final he was in a close battle with Russian crowd favorite Nikolay Olyunin but Vaultier pulled ahead off the last jump to win the gold medal, Olyunin holding on for silver. American Alex Deibold, who had been a wax technician at the 2010 Winter Olympics, survived some jostling back in the back to hang on for the bronze medal.

16Pierre VaultierFRAGold
220Nikolay OlyuninRUSSilver
39Alex DeiboldUSABronze
426Paul-Henri De Le RueFRA
513Stian SivertzenNOR
615Luca MatteottiITA
78Lucas EguibarESP
817Kevin HillCAN
95Trevor JacobUSA
1027Hanno DouschanAUT
1131Cam BoltonAUS
123Omar VisintinITA
=131Alex PullinAUS
=1328Anton LindforsFIN
=1314Konstantin SchadGER
=1323Paul BergGER
=1733Tony RamoinFRA
=174Alessandro HämmerleAUT
=1711Jarryd HughesAUS
=177Chris RobanskeCAN
=2124Regino HernándezESP
=2121Tommaso LeoniITA
=2135Marvin JamesSUI
=2134Tim WatterSUI
=2516Nick BaumgartnerUSA
=2525Lluís MarínAND
=2512Nate HollandUSA
=2529Maciej JodkoPOL
=2530Jake HoldenCAN
=2538Emil NovákCZE
=2539David BakešCZE
=2518Rob FaganCAN
=3332Andrey BoldykovRUS
=3337Anton KoprivitsaRUS
=3336Laro HerreroESP
=3322Jussi TakaFIN
=3310Mateusz LigockiPOL
=332Markus SchairerAUT
DNS19Emanuel PerathonerITA

Round One

Date18 February 2014 — 10:30
FormatFirst three of each heat advance to quarter-finals.

Heat #1

1Red-3Alex PullinAUSQ
2White-2Tony RamoinFRAQ
3Blue-5Kevin HillCANQ
4Green-4Nick BaumgartnerUSA
5Yellow-6Andrey BoldykovRUS

Heat #2

1Red-3Lucas EguibarESPQ
2Blue-2Regino HernándezESPQ
3Green-4Alex DeiboldUSAQ
DQYellow-5Lluís MarínAND

Heat #3

1Red-3Trevor JacobUSAQ
2Yellow-1Anton LindforsFINQ
3Blue-2Tommaso LeoniITAQ
4Green-4Nate HollandUSA
5White-5Anton KoprivitsaRUS

Heat #4

1Blue-2Nikolay OlyuninRUSQ
2Red-3Alessandro HämmerleAUTQ
3Green-5Stian SivertzenNORQ
4Yellow-4Maciej JodkoPOL
5White-1Laro HerreroESP

Heat #5

1Green-2Konstantin SchadGERQ
2Red-3Omar VisintinITAQ
3White-5Marvin JamesSUIQ
4Yellow-4Jake HoldenCAN
DNSBlue-6Emanuel PerathonerITA

Heat #6

1Red-3Pierre VaultierFRAQ
2Yellow-5Hanno DouschanAUTQ
3Green-4Jarryd HughesAUSQ
4White-6Emil NovákCZE
5Blue-2Jussi TakaFIN

Heat #7

1Blue-2Paul BergGERQ
2Red-3Chris RobanskeCANQ
3Yellow-5Paul-Henri De Le RueFRAQ
4White-6David BakešCZE
5Green-4Mateusz LigockiPOL

Heat #8

1Yellow-1Cam BoltonAUSQ
2White-5Tim WatterSUIQ
3Green-2Luca MatteottiITAQ
DNFRed-3Markus SchairerAUT
DQBlue-4Rob FaganCAN


Date18 February 2014 — 10:56
FormatFirst three of each heat advance to semi-finals.

Heat #1

1Green-2Lucas EguibarESPQ
2Yellow-5Kevin HillCANQ
3Blue-4Alex DeiboldUSAQ
4Red-3Alex PullinAUS
5Black-6Tony RamoinFRA
DNFWhite-1Regino HernándezESP

Heat #2

1Yellow-2Nikolay OlyuninRUSQ
2Green-4Trevor JacobUSAQ
3Blue-5Stian SivertzenNORQ
4Black-6Anton LindforsFIN
5Red-3Alessandro HämmerleAUT
DQWhite-1Tommaso LeoniITA

Heat #3

1Green-2Pierre VaultierFRAQ
2Red-3Omar VisintinITAQ
3White-6Hanno DouschanAUTQ
4Yellow-5Konstantin SchadGER
5Blue-4Jarryd HughesAUS
DNFBlack-1Marvin JamesSUI

Heat #4

1White-5Cam BoltonAUSQ
2Yellow-4Paul-Henri De Le RueFRAQ
3Green-2Luca MatteottiITAQ
DQBlue-1Paul BergGER
DQRed-3Chris RobanskeCAN
DQBlack-6Tim WatterSUI


Date18 February 2014 — 11:10
FormatFirst three of each heat advance to final, losers advance to Final B.

Heat #1

1Black-1Nikolay OlyuninRUSQ
2Yellow-5Stian SivertzenNORQ
3Blue-4Alex DeiboldUSAQ
4Red-3Trevor JacobUSA
5Green-2Lucas EguibarESP
6White-6Kevin HillCAN

Heat #2

1Green-2Pierre VaultierFRAQ
2Yellow-4Paul-Henri De Le RueFRAQ
3Blue-1Luca MatteottiITAQ
4Black-6Cam BoltonAUS
5White-5Hanno DouschanAUT
6Red-3Omar VisintinITA

Final Round

Date18 February 2014 — 11:18

Final A

1Red-2Pierre VaultierFRA
2White-1Nikolay OlyuninRUS
3Green-4Alex DeiboldUSA
4Black-6Paul-Henri De Le RueFRA
5Blue-5Stian SivertzenNOR
6Yellow-3Luca MatteottiITA

Final B

1Blue-2Lucas EguibarESP
2Yellow-4Kevin HillCAN
3Green-3Trevor JacobUSA
4White-5Hanno DouschanAUT
DNFBlack-1Cam BoltonAUS
DNSRed-6Omar VisintinITA