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BMX, Women

Date17 – 19 August 2016
LocationCentro Olímpico de BMX, Parque Olímpico de Deodoro, Deodoro, Rio de Janeiro
Participants16 from 13 countries

The Organizing Committee for the Rio Games produced a spectacular and challenging course for the 3rd appearance of BMX at an Olympic Games. The women’s competition was a lot more predictable than the crash fest that was the men’s event.

Mariana Pajón of Colombia, the defending champion, was a clear favourite and she lived up to all the expectations placed on her shoulders. First she led the qualification run, and then won each race of her semi-final section before leading the final from start to finish. She became the first Colombian to win a second Olympic gold medal. Behind her the USA’s Alise Post won silver with Stefany Hernandez winning a first ever medal for Venezuela in Olympic cycling. Caroline Buchanan of Australia, widely tipped to be Pajón’s main rival for the Olympic title, suffered a crash on her final semi-final run that left her losing out on a place in the final on a tiebreaker.

PosNrCyclistNOCRoundRankPointsLast Run Time
1100Mariana PajónCOLFinal1Gold
211Alise PostUSAFinal2Silver
3469Stefany HernándezVENFinal3Bronze
432Brooke CrainUSAFinal4
589Yaroslava BondarenkoRUSFinal5
691Elke VanhoofBELFinal6
7110Laura SmuldersNEDFinal7
8971Manon ValentinoFRAFinal8
968Caroline BuchananAUSSemi-Final513
10446Gabriela DíazARGSemi-Final517
1121Lauren ReynoldsAUSSemi-Final617
1239Amanda CarrTHASemi-Final618
13210Simone ChristensenDENSemi-Final718
1453Nadja PriesGERSemi-Final719
1575Merle van BenthemNEDSemi-Final821
1693Priscilla CarnavalBRASemi-Final822

Qualifying Round (17 August 2016 — 13:30)

Classification round - all 16 advanced to semi-finals.

1Mariana PajónCOL34.508
2Caroline BuchananAUS34.752
3Laura SmuldersNED35.114
4Stefany HernándezVEN35.202
5Simone ChristensenDEN35.251
6Elke VanhoofBEL35.325
7Brooke CrainUSA35.345
8Alise PostUSA35.509
9Merle van BenthemNED35.644
10Lauren ReynoldsAUS35.666
11Yaroslava BondarenkoRUS35.682
12Manon ValentinoFRA36.377
13Amanda CarrTHA36.464
14Nadja PriesGER37.152
15Priscilla CarnavalBRA37.534
16Gabriela DíazARG40.073

Semi-Finals (19 August 2016)

Top four in each heat advance to the final. Each heat comprised three races, with points based on position being awarded for each race. Overall heat positions were determined by total points.

Heat One

PosNrCyclistNOCPointsRace 1Race 2Race 3
1Mariana PajónCOL334.642 (1)35.098 (1)34.479 (1)Q
2Alise PostUSA835.480 (3)35.117 (2)35.417 (3)Q
3Stefany HernándezVEN1135.282 (2)52.695 (7)34.912 (2)Q
4Manon ValentinoFRA1236.226 (5)35.448 (3)35.744 (4)Q
5Gabriela DíazARG1739.669 (8)38.965 (4)38.625 (5)
6Amanda CarrTHA1836.869 (6)39.782 (5)43.217 (7)
7Simone ChristensenDEN1835.631 (4)48.134 (6)1:21.312 (8)
8Merle van BenthemNED2137.378 (7)1:47.817 (8)39.990 (6)

Heat Two

PosNrCyclistNOCPointsRace 1Race 2Race 3
1Laura SmuldersNED434.938 (2)34.670 (1)34.670 (1)Q
2Brooke CrainUSA735.095 (3)34.725 (2)34.891 (2)Q
3Elke VanhoofBEL1335.350 (4)36.834 (6)35.570 (3)Q
4Yaroslava BondarenkoRUS1335.800 (5)35.310 (3)36.126 (5)Q
5Caroline BuchananAUS1334.523 (1)35.405 (4)1:21.586 (8)
6Lauren ReynoldsAUS1735.800 (6)53.373 (7)36.017 (4)
7Nadja PriesGER1936.864 (7)36.683 (5)38.540 (7)
8Priscilla CarnavalBRA2236.949 (8)54.183 (8)38.210 (6)

Final Round (19 August 2016 — 15:00)

11Mariana PajónCOL34.093
24Alise PostUSA34.435
36Stefany HernándezVEN34.755
43Brooke CrainUSA35.520
55Yaroslava BondarenkoRUS36.017
68Elke VanhoofBEL39.538
72Laura SmuldersNED1:52.24
87Manon ValentinoFRA2:41.11