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Two, Men

Date15 – 16 February 1980
LocationMt. Van Hoevenberg Recreation Area, Lake Placid (Bob Run)
Participants40 from 11 countries
FormatFour runs, total time determined placement.
Venue detailsCurves: 16
Length: 1557 m
Start Altitude: 771 m
Vertical Drop: 148 m

Although confidence was high in the American camp that they could threaten the favourites it was firmly expected that the medals would be decided between the sleds from East Germany, West Germany and Switzerland. Switzerland’s Erich Schärer (1978 and 1979) and Hans Hiltebrand (1977) were the most recent world champions, East Germany were reigning Olympic champions and West Germany I and II had filled the silver and bronze positions in the previous year’s world championship.

Both members of their 1976 Olympic champion crew returned for East Germany but with a twist. In Innsbruck Bernhard Germeshausen had been the brakeman in Meinhard Nehmer’s sled but by Lake Placid he was piloting East Germany II and proved the equal of his former partner.

Schärer and Benz, who despite being world champions were designated as Switzerland II, started the competition brilliantly and led by half a second on the first run. Though Germeshausen gained time on run 2 Schärer consolidated his advantage on the third run and avoided any disasters on the final descent to run out a comfortable winner. Behind him a contest between the two GDR bobs for silver saw a victory for the pupil over the master as Bernhard Germeshausen and Hans-Jürgen Gerhardt’s East Germany II edged the senior crew of Nehmer and Musiol.

This event marked the first Olympic appearance of Hans Hiltebrandt. The Swiss would appear at every Winter Games as either pilot or coach between 1980 and 1998 and as one of the world’s leading bobsleigh designers, bobs bearing his name have appeared in international competition for over a decade.

PosNrBobsleighNOCTimeRun 1Run 2Run 3Run 4
14Switzerland IISUI4:09.361:01.87 (1)1:02.76 (2)1:02.29 (1)1:02.44 (1)Gold
Erich SchärerSepp Benz
22East Germany IIGDR4:10.931:02.58 (4)1:02.48 (1)1:03.31 (9)1:02.56 (2)Silver
Bernhard GermeshausenHans-Jürgen Gerhardt
35East Germany IGDR4:11.081:02.39 (3)1:02.88 (4)1:02.86 (3)1:02.95 (4)Bronze
Meinhard NehmerBogdan Musiol
417Switzerland ISUI4:11.321:02.37 (2)1:02.96 (5)1:03.35 (10)1:02.64 (3)
Hans HiltebrandWalter Rahm
53United States IIUSA4:11.731:03.04 (6)1:03.04 (6)1:02.65 (2)1:03.00 (5)
Howard Siler, Jr.Dick Nalley
620United States IUSA4:12.121:02.90 (5)1:02.81 (3)1:02.99 (5)1:03.42 (8)
Brent RushlawJoe Tyler
718Austria IIAUT4:13.581:03.58 (10)1:03.64 (8)1:03.13 (7)1:03.23 (6)
Fritz SperlingKurt Oberhöller
816West Germany IFRG4:13.741:03.87 (12)1:03.63 (7)1:02.91 (4)1:03.33 (7)
Peter HellHeinz Busche
915Austria IAUT4:13.901:03.52 (8)1:03.67 (9)1:03.01 (6)1:03.70 (9)
Franz PaulweberGerd Zaunschirm
1014Great Britain IGBR4:15.921:04.12 (15)1:04.12 (10)1:03.65 (11)1:04.03 (13)
Jonnie WoodallJohn Howell
116Romania IROU4:16.041:03.99 (13)1:04.30 (13)1:03.75 (12)1:04.00 (12)
Dragoș Panaitescu-RapanGheorghe Lixandru
1210West Germany IIFRG4:16.131:03.50 (7)1:04.93 (20)1:03.85 (13)1:03.85 (10)
Georg GroßmannAlexander Wernsdorfer
139Canada ICAN4:16.211:04.07 (14)1:04.27 (12)1:03.96 (14)1:03.91 (11)
Joey KilburnRobert Wilson
148Italy IITA4:16.341:03.73 (11)1:04.19 (11)1:03.97 (15)1:04.45 (16)
Andrea JoryEdmund Lanziner
1519Sweden SWE4:16.921:03.56 (9)1:04.49 (14)1:03.22 (8)1:05.65 (20)
Carl-Erik ErikssonKenth Rönn
161Italy IIITA4:18.171:04.75 (19)1:04.81 (18)1:04.30 (16)1:04.31 (15)
Giuseppe SoraviaGeorg Werth
1713Great Britain IIGBR4:18.571:04.93 (20)1:04.77 (17)1:04.40 (18)1:04.47 (17)
Roger PotterMike Pugh
187Romania IIROU4:18.631:04.58 (16)1:04.52 (15)1:04.76 (19)1:04.77 (18)
Constantin IancuConstantin Obreja
1912Japan JPN4:18.661:04.62 (17)1:04.92 (19)1:04.82 (20)1:04.30 (14)
Yoshimitsu KadowakiYuji Funayama
2011Canada IICAN4:18.761:04.66 (18)1:04.67 (16)1:04.38 (17)1:05.05 (19)
Brian VachonSerge Cantin