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Team, Men

Date17 September 1904
LocationGlen Echo Country Club, Normandy
Participants30 from 1 countries
FormatTen players per team with 36 holes stroke play per player.

Of the six ten-man teams which had entered, only two showed up on September 17, the Western Golf Association and the Trans-Mississippi Golf Association. A third team was organized at the last minute from among the golfers present and it represented, very loosely, the USGA. The Western GA, led by current U.S. and Western Amateur champion, H. Chandler Egan, won fairly easily. (The previous week, Egan had defeated Walter Travis to win the U.S. Amateur. Travis, considered America’s top amateur, entered the Olympic tournament but declined to compete, citing illness.)

1Western Golf AssociationUSA1749Gold
Chandler Egan165
Ned Sawyer168
Bob Hunter169
Ken Edwards170
Clement Smoot172
Warren Wood173
Mason Phelps177
Walter Egan180
Ned Cummins187
Nat Moore188
2Trans-Mississippi Golf AssociationUSA1770Silver
Frank Newton172
Harry Potter172
Ralph McKittrick174
Al Lambert175
Fred Semple176
Stu Stickney177
Art Stickney178
Burt McKinnie178
John Maxwell182
Jack Cady186
3United States Golf AssociationUSA1839Bronze
Doug Cadwallader168
Allan Lard172
Lee Carleton175
Sim Price181
Harry Weber183
John Rahm186
Art Hussey187
Orus Jones187
Harry Fraser194
George Oliver206