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Double American Round, Men

Date19 September 1904
LocationFrancis Field, Washington University, St. Louis
Participants22 from 1 countries
FormatTwo American Rounds consisted of 30 arrows at 60 yards (54.9 metres), 30 arrows at 50 yards (45.7 metres), and 30 arrows at 40 yards (36.6 metres). Placings in individual events determined on a point basis. Two points awarded for highest total score, two points awarded for most total targets hit, one point awarded for highest score at each distance, and one point awarded for most targets hit at each distance. Ties broken on total score, and then on total targets hit.

Phil Bryant won the gold medal in this event as he had in the Double York Round, scoring 8.2 of a possible 10 points in the Double American Round. The podium in this event was the same as in the Double York Round, with Bryant winning gold, Robert Williams winning silver and Will Thompson taking the bronze. Williams was 63-years-old in 1904, while Thompson was 56. Thompson would eventually win five US archery titles. Williams and Thompson also led their Potomac Archers team to the gold medal in the Team Round. This was the only time the Double American Round was contested at the Olympics.

1Phil BryantUSA8.21761,048Gold
2Robert WilliamsUSA1.2171991Silver
3Will ThompsonUSA0.2167949Bronze
4Charles WoodruffUSA0.2167907
5Wallace BryantUSA0.2160818
6William ClarkUSA0.0164880
7Benjamin KeysUSA0.0158840
8Cyrus DallinUSA0.0156816
9Henry RichardsonUSA0.0163813
10Homer TaylorUSA0.0159811
11Charles HubbardUSA0.0151779
12Louis MaxsonUSA0.0157777
13G. C. SpencerUSA0.0153701
14Samuel DuvallUSA0.0141699
15Edward FrentzUSA0.0135665
16Amos CasselmanUSA0.0136628
17Thomas ScottUSA0.0135562
18Ralph TaylorUSA0.0121533
19Edward BruceUSA0.0112516
20Edward WestonUSA0.0112508
21Edward WestonUSA0.0106450
22William ValentineUSA0.083345