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1,200 metres Freestyle, Men

Date11 April 1896
LocationOrmos tes Zeas, Peiraias
Participants6 from 4 countries
FormatFinal only.

Hajós had hoped to enter, and win, all three swimming races open to all competitors. However, the 500 metres started immediately after the 100 metres, so he had to wait for the 1,200 to start so he could recover. Alfréd Hajós was born Arnold Guttmann, but he changed his name on the occasion of the 1,000th anniversary of the Magyar Empire. Hajós means sailor in Hungarian.

1Alfréd HajósHUN18:22.2GoldOR
2Ioannis AndreouGRE21:03.4Silver
ACGardner WilliamsUSA
ACN. KatravasGRE
ACEfstathios KhorafasGRE
ACPaul NeumannAUTDNF
DNSHolger NielsenDEN
DNSCharles WincklerDEN
DNSAdolphe GriselFRA
DNSD. FrangopoulosGRE
DNSAntonios PepanosGRE
DNSG. AthanasiouGRE
DNSAg. DiamantopoulosGRE
DNSV. KhatzisGRE
DNSTheod. KontosGRE
DNSP. F. KoukoudakisGRE
DNSSav. LaskaridisGRE
DNSMerk. LeriasGRE
DNSPanagiotis NastosGRE
DNSA. RomantzasGRE
DNSEmm. ValetsiotisGRE
DNSSol. XenopoulosGRE