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200 metres Team Swimming, Men

Date11 August 1900
LocationSeine, Pont de Courbevoie – Pont d'Asnières, Paris (River Seine at Basins d'Asnières-Courbevoie)
Participants18 from 2 countries

The German team won easily. The British team would have been formidable but showed up late for the start and did not race. There has been some controversy in the past as to the scoring system and the subsequent placements and we are not quite certain the below is correct.

1Deutscher Schwimm Verband BerlinGERGold
Ernst HoppenbergMax HainleErnst LührsenGustav LexauHerbert von Petersdorff (DNS)
2Tritons LilloisFRASilver
Maurice HochepiedJoseph BertrandVictor HochepiedJules VerbeckeVictor Cadet
3Pupilles de Neptune de LilleFRABronze
René TartaraDésiré MérchezLouis MartinGeorges LeuillieuxPhilippe Houben (DNS)
4Libellule de ParisFRA
Jules ClévenotB. RosierR. FéretJean Gazaigne Pelloy Chalier (DNS) 1

Round One (11 August 1900)

Five heats with one entrant from each team in heats two thru five. Winner of each heat advanced to final heat one, runner-up to final heat two, third place to final heat three, etc.

Heat One

1Joseph BertrandFRAQ1
2B. RosierFRAQ2
DNSHerbert von PetersdorffGER
DNSPhilippe HoubenFRA

Heat Two

1Ernst HoppenbergGERQ1
2Jules ClévenotFRAQ2
3Georges LeuillieuxFRAQ3
4Victor CadetFRAQ4

Heat Three

1Maurice HochepiedFRAQ1
2Gustav LexauGERQ2
3Louis MartinFRAQ3
4R. FéretFRAQ4

Heat Four

1Ernst LührsenGERQ1
2Désiré MérchezFRAQ2
3Victor HochepiedFRAQ3
4Jean GazaigneFRAQ4

Heat Five

1Max HainleGERQ1
2René TartaraFRAQ2
3Jules VerbeckeFRAQ3
4 PelloyFRAQ4

Final (11 August 1900)

Modified point-for-place scoring with heat one scoring 1-5 pts., heat two 6-10 pts., heat three 11-14 pts., and heat four 15-18 pts.

1Deutscher Schwimm Verband BerlinGER32
Ernst Hoppenberg12:35.4
Max Hainle22:36.0
Ernst Lührsen42:55.0
Gustav Lexau62:42.0
Herbert von Petersdorff (DNS)19
2Tritons LilloisFRA51
Maurice Hochepied32:53.0
Joseph Bertrand53:00.0
Victor Hochepied122:56.4
Jules Verbecke133:01.6
Victor Cadet183:18.0
3Pupilles de Neptune de LilleFRA61
René Tartara82:48.6
Désiré Mérchez92:55.4
Louis Martin112:51.4
Georges Leuillieux143:02.0
Philippe Houben (DNS)19
4Libellule de ParisFRA65
Jules Clévenot72:45.0
B. Rosier103:04.4
R. Féret153:00.4
Jean Gazaigne163:02.0

Heat One

1Ernst HoppenbergGER2:35.41
2Max HainleGER2:36.02
3Maurice HochepiedFRA2:53.03
4Ernst LührsenGER2:55.04
5Joseph BertrandFRA3:00.05

Heat Two

1Gustav LexauGER2:42.06
2Jules ClévenotFRA2:45.07
3René TartaraFRA2:48.68
4Désiré MérchezFRA2:55.49
5B. RosierFRA3:04.410

Heat Three

1Louis MartinFRA2:51.411
2Victor HochepiedFRA2:56.412
3Jules VerbeckeFRA3:01.613
4Georges LeuillieuxFRA3:02.014

Heat Four

1R. FéretFRA3:00.415
2Jean GazaigneFRA3:02.016
3 PelloyFRA3:06.017
4Victor CadetFRA3:18.018