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Individual, Men

Date12 – 17 July 1924
LocationStade Olympique de Colombes, Colombes / Piscine des Tourelles, Saint-Mandé / Hippodrome du Grand Parquet, Fontainebleau / Le Stand de Versailles, Versailles / Stade d'Escrime de Colombes, Colombes
Participants38 from 11 countries
FormatPoint-for-place scoring.

There were no other international competitions in modern pentathlon until after World War II, so this event was always very difficult to handicap. But prior to 1936, the sport was totally dominated by the Swedes. They had won the first four and six of the top seven places in 1912 and swept the medals and top four places again in 1920. Bo Lindman (SWE) was making his first Olympic appearance and he ran away with the event. After placing fifth in the shooting, Lindman won the swim in 5:18.6, to take the lead with 10 points. He was very strong in the last three segments, placing third in the fencing, fourth in the riding, and winning the cross-country run. His score of 18 points was less than half that of the silver medalist, defending champion, Gustaf Dyrssen (SWE), who came in at 39½. The bronze medalist, Bertil Uggla, had placed fourth in 1920, but was an Olympic veteran. His modern pentathlon bronze medal was added to the bronze he won in the 1912 pole vault. Lindman would return to win silver medals in 1928 and 1932. He also won medals in fencing at the 1933-34 European Championships and was later president of the Swedish Athletics Federation from 1935-46.

1Bo LindmanSWE18.0Gold
2Gustaf DyrssenSWE39.5Silver
3Bertil UgglaSWE45.0Bronze
4Ivan DuranthonFRA54.5
5Henrik AvellanFIN55.5
6Helge JensenDEN61.0
7George VokinsGBR64.5
8Christiaan TonnetNED65.5
9Väinö BremerFIN66.5
=10Carl ÅrmannSWE74.5
=10George BareUSA74.5
12Charles Jacques Le VavasseurFRA82.5
13David Turquand-YoungGBR84.5
14Marius ChristensenDEN85.0
15Otto OlsenDEN86.0
16Olliver SmithNOR87.5
17Léopold Buffin de ChosalBEL89.5
18Joseph Van LoockeBEL92.0
19Brian HorrocksGBR98.5
20Raoul LignonFRA99.0
21Leif KnudtzonNOR99.5
22Carolus StoffelsNED102.5
23Guillaume de TournemireFRA107.0
24Omero ChiesaITA109.0
25Emil HagelbergFIN110.5
26Don ScottUSA111.5
27Karel, Jonkheer van den BrandelerNED113.5
28Derick BartonGBR122.5
29Jacques De Wykerslooth De RooyesteynBEL123.0
30Ernesto CorradiITA127.5
=31Ernest HarmonUSA130.5
=31Barent MommaNED130.5
33Giuseppe MicheliITA137.0
34Frederick PittsUSA138.5
35Jules HulsmansBEL140.5
36Gaspare PastaITA142.0
37Karel TůmaTCH166.5
38Jindřich LepiereTCH169.5