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Individual, Men

Date11 – 15 October 1964
LocationNezu Park, Asaka, Saitama / Memorial Hall, Waseda Daigaku, Shinjuku, Tokyo / Asaka Shooting Range, Nezu Park, Asaka, Saitama / Kokuritsu Yoyogi Kyogijo, Shibuya, Tokyo / Combined Athletic Grounds, Tokyo Daigaku, Bunkyo, Tokyo
Participants37 from 15 countries
FormatScoring by point tables.

The two favorites should have been Soviet Igor Novikov and Hungarian András Balczó. Novikov was a four-time World Champion but had never won an individual Olympic medal. Balczó was World Champion in 1963 and would continue to win that title thru 1969, but could not compete in Tokyo, as he was in jail for smuggling watches. In his absence, Hungary was led by Ferenc Török, who had been the runner-up at the 1963 Worlds. The riding was a crapshoot as usual with none of the favorites near the top, although the Japanese Organizing Committee had provided excellent horses. But Török won the fencing easily, winning 27 of 36 matches, and took over the lead after two phases. In rapid-fire pistol shooting, Novikov placed equal second, moving into second place overall behind Török, who was equal ninth in the shooting. In the 300 metre freestyle swimming, Novikov placed fifth and Török 23rd, but Török held onto a narrow 19-point lead going into the cross-country run. Novikov was right on Török’s shoulder throughout the run, but could not get past him. Török would place fifth in the run and Novikov sixth. It was enough to give Ferenc Török the gold medal, and Novikov the silver, his first individual medal after four Olympics. After the finish, Török had to be resuscitated with oxygen for about an hour. The medal ceremony was postponed until he was able to participate. He would later become a member of the Hungarian Parliament (1990-94) for the Hungarian Liberal Party, SZDSZ.

1Ferenc TörökHUN5,116Gold
2Igor NovikovURS5,067Silver
3Albert MokeyevURS5,039Bronze
4Peter MackenAUS4,897
5Viktor MineyevURS4,894
6James MooreUSA4,891
7Imre NagyHUN4,874
8Bo JanssonSWE4,760
9Dave KirkwoodUSA4,722
10Rolf JunefeltSWE4,674
11Hans-Gunnar LiljenwallSWE4,665
12Wolfgang GödickeGER4,657
13Uwe AdlerGER4,654
14Alfonso OttavianiITA4,651
15Shigeaki UchinoJPN4,619
16Paul PesthyUSA4,594
17Yoshihide FukutomeJPN4,587
18Donald McMikenAUS4,562
19Keijo VanhalaFIN4,536
20Kari KaajaFIN4,501
21Benjamin FinnisGBR4,492
22Jorma HotanenFIN4,454
23Elmar FringsGER4,443
24Udo BirnbaumAUT4,424
25Robert PhelpsGBR4,402
26Ottó TörökHUN4,305
27Duncan PageAUS4,286
28José WilsonBRA4,278
29Jim FoxGBR4,274
30Shigeki MinoJPN4,196
31Aquiles GloffkaCHI4,107
32Rudolf TrostAUT4,099
33Herbert PolzhuberAUT4,047
34David BárcenaMEX3,974
35Eduardo FlorezMEX3,888
36Enrique PadillaMEX3,760
37Choi Gwi-SeungKOR2,809