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Running Target, Single Shot, Men

Date 9 July 1908
LocationBisley Rifle Range, Bisley
Participants16 from 4 countries
Format110 yards. 10 shots in ten runs of the deer, one per run. 40 possible.

By winning this event, Oscar Swahn set an Olympic record which still stands to this day. On the day of this event, Swahn, born 20 October 1847, was 60 years and 263 days old, making him the oldest gold medalist in an individual Olympic event.

1Oscar SwahnSWE25GoldOR
2Ted RankenGBR24Silver
3Alexander RogersGBR24Bronze
4Maurice BloodGBR23
5Albert KempsterGBR22
=6William Lane-JoyntGBR21
=6Walter WinansUSA21
=6James CowanGBR21
9Joshua MillnerGBR20
10Charles NixGBR19
11Ernst RosellSWE17
12William EllicottGBR16
13Léon TétartFRA11
14Maurice Robion du PontFRA6
15Augustin BarbillatFRA3
DNFJohn BashfordGBR0