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Running Target, Double Shot, Men

Date9 – 10 July 1908
LocationBisley Rifle Range, Bisley
Participants15 from 4 countries
Format110 yards. 20 shots in ten runs of the deer, two per run. 80 possible.

This event started on 9 July and all but finished on that day as well. But Walter Winans and Ted Ranken tied for first place with 46 and it was too dark for them to shoot off the tie. They did so the next day, with Winans winning.

Winans was an American who had been born in Russia of American parents but lived most of his life in England. His eligibility was questioned and he had to swear his allegiance to the U.S. Consul General in England and expressed his intention to return to the United States after the Olympics and eventually resume his duties of citizenship. To our knowledge, this never occurred. It is not recorded that Winans ever set foot in the United States. He was a renowned equestrian sculptor, exhibiting 14 times at the British Royal Academy.

July 10, 1908 turned out to be quite a day for Walter Winans. Just after winning the shoot-off he received two envelopes. The first contained a telegram announcing that his horses had won three firsts, two seconds, and five thirds at the English Royal Counties Show. The other was a cablegram from Vienna noting his horse Samers had won the local trotting contest.

1Walter WinansUSA4644GoldOR
2Ted RankenGBR4641Silver
3Oscar SwahnSWE38Bronze
4Maurice BloodGBR34
5Albert KempsterGBR34
=6William EllicottGBR33
=6Alexander RogersGBR33
8Ernst RosellSWE27
9John BashfordGBR25
10James CowanGBR24
11Charles NixGBR22
12Léon TétartFRA21
13William Lane-JoyntGBR20
14Maurice Robion du PontFRA18
15Joshua MillnerGBR15