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Trap, Team, Men

Date9 – 11 July 1908
LocationUxendon Shooting School Club, Brent, London
Participants24 from 3 countries
FormatSix-man teams. First stage - 30 birds per shooter; Second stage - 25 birds per shooter; Third stage - 50 birds per shooter. 105 possible per shooter, 630 possible per Team.

There were four teams entered, with two from Great Britain, one from Canada and one from the Netherlands. Great Britain #1 eked out a victory over Canada by only two clays, 407-405, from a team possible of 630. Great Britain #2 was a distant third, while the Dutch team was obviously not very skilled in this event.

1Great Britain 1GBR407Gold
Alexander Maunder40783
John Pike40777
Charles Palmer40771
John Postans40761
Frank Moore40760
Peter Easte40755
Walter Ewing40581
George Beattie40573
Arthur Westover40572
Mylie Fletcher40565
George Vivian40558
David McMackon40556
3Great Britain 2GBR372Bronze
George Whitaker37270
George Skinner37263
John Butt37262
William Morris37262
Harold Creasey37259
Bob Hutton37256
John Wilson17434
Eduardus, Baron van Voorst tot Voorst17428
Cornelis Viruly17428
Franciscus, Baron van Voorst tot Voorst17434
Rudolph, Baron van Pallandt17426
Reindert de Favauge17424