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Running Target, Double Shot, Team, Men

Date26 July 1920 — 09:30
LocationHoogboom Country Club, Kapellen
Participants20 from 4 countries
Format100 metres. Five-man teams, each man given 10 runs of the deer. The deer was in sight for 23 metres, covering the distance in four seconds. Individual possible 100. Team possible 500. Two shots per each run of the deer.

The same four teams entered this event that had entered the team single shot running deer event. Norway won both team running deer events, but the other places were different. Sweden won the silver medal and Finland bronze in this event, with the United States placing fourth. In the single shot team event, Finland was second, the United States third, and Sweden fourth. This event was only contested twice at the Olympics, also in 1924, when it was won by Great Britain with Norway second.

Ole Lilloe-Olsen34377
Thorsten Johansen34374
Harald Natvig34368
Einar Liberg34362
Hans Nordvik34362
Fredric Landelius33670
Alf Swahn33669
Oscar Swahn33668
Bengt Lagercrantz33665
Edward Benedicks33664
Robert Tikkanen28569
Magnus Wegelius28564
Nestori Toivonen28557
Yrjö Kolho28554
Vilho Vauhkonen28541
4United StatesUSA282
Lloyd Spooner28266
Willis Lee28258
Larry Nuesslein28256
Carl Osburn28252
Tom Brown28250