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Skeet, Women

Date21 September 2000
LocationSydney International Shooting Centre, Cecil Park, New South Wales
Participants13 from 11 countries

This was the first Olympic skeet competition open only to women. Azerbaijani Zemfira Meftəkhətddinova won the gold medal after leading the preliminary round and holding on in the final round to win by three points. The silver medal was won by the world record holder, Svetlana Demina of Russia. Bronze medalist Diána Igaly (HUN) would win the 2002 World Championships, and return in 2004 to win the gold medal in Athina.

1Zemfira MeftəkhətddinovaAZE98Gold
2Svetlana DyominaRUS95Silver
3Diána IgalyHUN93Bronze
4Tash LonsdaleAUS93
5Cindy ShenbergerUSA92
6Yerdzhanik AvetisyanRUS92
7Kim RhodeUSA69
8Zhang ShanCHN69
=9Kim Myong-HwaPRK69
=9Sofia MiaouliCYP69
=11Cristina VitaliITA68
=11Maarit LepomäkiFIN68
13Andrea StranovskáSVK67

Preliminary Round (21 September 2000 — 11:00)

75 targets in three rounds of 25 targets. 75 possible. Top six advanced to 25-target final round.

1Zemfira MeftəkhətddinovaAZE73242425QOR
2Diána IgalyHUN71242324Q
=3Svetlana DyominaRUS70242323Q
=3Tash LonsdaleAUS70242125Q
=3Cindy ShenbergerUSA70232225Q
=3Yerdzhanik AvetisyanRUS70242125Q
7Kim RhodeUSA69232224
8Zhang ShanCHN69222423
=9Kim Myong-HwaPRK69242223
=9Sofia MiaouliCYP69232323
=11Cristina VitaliITA68232421
=11Maarit LepomäkiFIN68212225
13Andrea StranovskáSVK67222223

Final Round (21 September 2000 — 15:30)

Top six from preliminary round advanced to the final round.

1Zemfira MeftəkhətddinovaAZE987325OR
2Svetlana DyominaRUS957025
3Diána IgalyHUN9371224
4Tash LonsdaleAUS9370233
5Cindy ShenbergerUSA9270226
6Yerdzhanik AvetisyanRUS9270225