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Running Target, 10 metres, Men

Date18 – 19 August 2004
LocationOlympiako Kentro Skopovolis Markopoulou, Markopoulo
Participants19 from 12 countries

Running target events had been held at the Olympics since 1908, with the exception of two time periods – 1928-1948, and 1960-1972. This event ,originally conducted over 50 metres, had been held at 10 metres since 1992, but after the 2004 Olympics, in an effort to streamline the Olympic Program, it was dropped from the program. Germany’s Manfred Kurzer opened a huge lead after qualifying, with his world record 590 being six points ahead. In the final round, he actually shot the lowest score, 92.4, but he was so far ahead that he was never challenged. Russian Aleksandr Blinov was 12 points in back of Kurzer in the prelims, but shot the highest final round with 100.0 to move up to the silver medal position. The 2002 World Champion and 1992 Olympic gold medalist, Michael Jakosits (GER), placed fifth.

PosNumberCompetitorNOCTotal PointsPreliminary RoundFinal
1Manfred KurzerGER682.4590 (1)682.4 (1)GoldWR
2Aleksandr BlinovRUS678.0578 (=4)678.0 (2)Silver
3Dmitry LykinRUS677.1584 (2)677.1 (3)Bronze
4Emil AnderssonSWE676.8578 (=4)676.8 (4)
5Michael JakositsGER676.7578 (=4)676.7 (5)
6Li JieCHN675.8579 (3)675.8 (6)
=7Vladyslav PrianyshnikovUKR575575 (=7)Q
=7Adam SaathoffUSA575575 (=7)Q
=7Andrei KazakBLR575575 (=7)
10Attila SoltiGUA573573 (10)
11Geng HongbinCHN572572 (11)
12Niklas BergströmSWE571571 (12)
13Andrei VasilieuBLR569569 (13)
14Oleg MoldovanMDA568568 (14)
15Miroslav JanušCZE564564 (15)
16Andrey GurovKAZ562562 (16)
17Tomáš CaknakisCZE560560 (17)
18Koby HollandUSA551551 (18)
19Bryan WilsonAUS544544 (19)

Preliminary Round

Date18 – 19 August 2004
Format60 shots in two courses of 30, one with a fast-running game, and one with a slow-running game. 600 possible.
PosNumberCompetitorNOCPointsSlow Run PointsFast Run PointsSlow RunFast Run
1Manfred KurzerGER590296294296 (NP)294 (NP)QWR
2Dmitry LykinRUS584293291293 (NP)291 (NP)Q
3Li JieCHN579288291288 (NP)291 (NP)Q
=4Emil AnderssonSWE578292286292 (NP)286 (NP)Q
=4Aleksandr BlinovRUS578293285293 (NP)285 (NP)Q
=4Michael JakositsGER578294284294 (NP)284 (NP)Q
=7Vladyslav PrianyshnikovUKR575293282293 (NP)282 (NP)Q
=7Adam SaathoffUSA575294281294 (NP)281 (NP)Q
=7Andrei KazakBLR575292283292 (NP)283 (NP)
10Attila SoltiGUA573284289284 (NP)289 (NP)
11Geng HongbinCHN572289283289 (NP)283 (NP)
12Niklas BergströmSWE571286285286 (NP)285 (NP)
13Andrei VasilieuBLR569287282287 (NP)282 (NP)
14Oleg MoldovanMDA568290278290 (NP)278 (NP)
15Miroslav JanušCZE564283281283 (NP)281 (NP)
16Andrey GurovKAZ562283279283 (NP)279 (NP)
17Tomáš CaknakisCZE560284276284 (NP)276 (NP)
18Koby HollandUSA551281270281 (NP)270 (NP)
19Bryan WilsonAUS544275269275 (NP)269 (NP)

Final Round

Date19 August 2004 — 12:30
FormatTop six from preliminary round advanced to the final round.
PosNumberCompetitorNOCTotal PointsPreliminary Round PointsFinal Round Points
1Manfred KurzerGER682.459092.4WR
2Aleksandr BlinovRUS678.0578100.0
3Dmitry LykinRUS677.158493.1
4Emil AnderssonSWE676.857898.8
5Michael JakositsGER676.757898.7
6Li JieCHN675.857996.8