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Plain High, Women

Date24 – 28 August 1920
LocationZwemstadion van Antwerpen, Antwerpen
Participants15 from 6 countries
Format4 and 8 metre boards.

The 1920 women’s plain high diving event was contested under the same rules as the men’s event. It consisted of four dives - one each running and standing from both the 4- and 8-metre platforms. For her victory, in addition to a gold medal, Clausen was also awarded possession of the Challenge Prize that had been donated by Contessa Casa de Miranda.

1Stefanie ClausenDENGold
2Eileen ArmstrongGBRSilver
3Ewa OlliwierSWEBronze
4Belle WhiteGBR
5Aileen RigginUSA
6Betty GrimesUSA
4 p1 r1/2Ragnhild LarsenNOR
4 p2 r1/2Lily BeaurepaireAUS
5 p1 r1/2Karin LeiditzSWE
5 p2 r1/2Helen MeanyUSA
6 p1 r1/2Selma AnderssonSWE
6 p2 r1/2Brynhild BergeNOR
7 p1 r1/2Alice LordUSA
7 p2 r1/2Märta AdlerzSWE
8 p2 r1/2Louise PetersenDEN

Round One (24 August 1920 — 14:00)

Top three in each pool advanced to the final round. Four dives, two from 5 metres and two from 10 metres.

Pool One

1Eileen ArmstrongGBR7158.00Q
2Betty GrimesUSA13156.00Q
3Stefanie ClausenDEN15153.00Q
4Ragnhild LarsenNOR16152.00
5Karin LeiditzSWE20147.00
6Selma AnderssonSWE25143.00
7Alice LordUSA35118.50

Pool Two

1Ewa OlliwierSWE6165.00Q
2Aileen RigginUSA15155.50Q
3Belle WhiteGBR20148.50Q
4Lily BeaurepaireAUS19147.50
5Helen MeanyUSA23145.00
6Brynhild BergeNOR29140.50
7Märta AdlerzSWE29136.50
8Louise PetersenDEN34130.00

Final (28 August 1920 — 16:00)

Four dives, two from 5 metres and two from 10 metres.

1Stefanie ClausenDEN6173.00
2Eileen ArmstrongGBR10166.00
3Ewa OlliwierSWE11166.00
4Belle WhiteGBR18158.50
5Aileen RigginUSA20157.00
6Betty GrimesUSA30133.50