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Springboard, Women

Date11 – 12 October 1964
LocationKokuritsu Yoyogi Kyogijo, Shibuya, Tokyo
Participants21 from 9 countries
Format3 metre springboard.

Ingrid Krämer had won this event in Roma (and the platform), breaking the American streak of wins in the event that went back to 1920. She was back, now as Ingrid Engel-Krämer, but trailed through the first six dives behind American Patsy Willard. However Engel-Krämer pulled ahead on the final dive of the preliminaries and held onto the lead through the final three dives to defend her gold medal. She would also add a silver on the platform in Tokyo. Jeanne Collier moved into second place on her final dive to win the silver medal, with Willard dropping back to third. Collier would later marry Ken Sitzberger, the winner of the men’s springboard in Tokyo.

There was some controversy in the qualifying, when Soviet Yelena Anokhina, on her fourth dive, dove in a pike position, although she had been scheduled for layout. The judges gave her a good 11.25 points at first, but adjusted the score to 3.45 after learning of the dive error. This eliminated her from the finals, advancing Japan’s Kumiko Watanabe, who then finished eighth in qualifying. But the next morning, the Soviets protested, and Anokhina was permitted to repeat her fourth dive, scoring 9.60 points, enough to place her eighth, ahead of Watanabe, The Japanese then protested, and both divers were allowed to advance to the finals, where Anokhina finished sixth and Watanabe ninth.

1Ingrid Engel-KrämerGER145.00Gold
2Jeanne CollierUSA138.36Silver
3Patsy WillardUSA138.18Bronze
4Sue GossickUSA129.70
5Tamara FedosovaURS126.33
6Yelena AnokhinaURS125.60
7Kanoko MabuchiJPN125.28
8Angelika HilbertGER123.27
9Kumiko WatanabeJPN120.34
10Christiane LanzkeGER82.56
11Judy StewartCAN82.39
12Vera BaklanovaURS82.04
13Robyn BradshawAUS77.64
14Susan KnightAUS76.76
15Elisabeth SvobodaAUT75.45
16Inge PertmayrAUT74.31
17Lindsay Grant-StuartZIM74.28
18Ulrike Sindelar-PachowskyAUT70.27
19Carol Ann MorrowCAN64.07
20Sarie BezuidenhoutZIM63.50
21Kerstin RybrantSWE61.74

Qualifying (11 October 1964 — 09:30-16:30)

Five compulsory and two optional dives. Top 9 advanced to the final round.

1Ingrid Engel-KrämerGER94.6962.81Q
2Patsy WillardUSA92.6864.10Q
3Jeanne CollierUSA89.9460.24Q
4Sue GossickUSA89.2957.47Q
5Angelika HilbertGER86.5356.19Q
6Tamara FedosovaURS85.8558.01Q
7Kanoko MabuchiJPN85.2753.79Q
8Yelena AnokhinaURS85.2057.89Q
9Kumiko WatanabeJPN84.4053.66Q
10Christiane LanzkeGER82.5657.68
11Judy StewartCAN82.3952.91
12Vera BaklanovaURS82.0453.76
13Robyn BradshawAUS77.6450.62
14Susan KnightAUS76.7648.63
15Elisabeth SvobodaAUT75.4548.71
16Inge PertmayrAUT74.3147.25
17Lindsay Grant-StuartZIM74.2849.57
18Ulrike Sindelar-PachowskyAUT70.2747.87
19Carol Ann MorrowCAN64.0751.44
20Sarie BezuidenhoutZIM63.5044.76
21Kerstin RybrantSWE61.7438.37

Final (12 October 1964 — 10:00)

Three optional dives. Score added to qualifying round score.

1Ingrid Engel-KrämerGER145.0050.31
2Jeanne CollierUSA138.3648.42
3Patsy WillardUSA138.1845.50
4Sue GossickUSA129.7040.41
5Tamara FedosovaURS126.3340.48
6Yelena AnokhinaURS125.6040.40
7Kanoko MabuchiJPN125.2840.01
8Angelika HilbertGER123.2736.74
9Kumiko WatanabeJPN120.3435.94