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110 metres Hurdles, Men

Date14 July 1900
LocationCroix Catelan, Bois de Boulogne, Paris
Participants9 from 3 countries

The 110 metres hurdles were the first track & field final contested at the 1900 Olympics. Unlike the 1896 Olympics, it could be said that all the top hurdlers were present, mainly because Al Kraenzlein was so dominant that he had no real peer.

The heats bore no surprises, as the favored Kraenzlein qualified easily. In the final, the first real problem with the inexperienced French starter Meier, occurred. John McLean caught a flyer, and according to reports, was ahead of Kraenzlein by five yards off the blocks. But Kraenzlein was so superior that he caught McLean at the eighth hurdle and ran away to win by three yards. McLean did hold onto second place, however, just edging out Fred Moloney, who had beaten McLean easily in a first-round heat.

Kraenzlein’s win in the 110 metres hurdles was the first of his four individual gold medals, a record which has still never been equalled in track & field athletics. The distance of 110 metres was rarely run in either Britain or the United States, as they used the slightly shorter Imperial equivalent of 120 yards. Thus, Kraenzlein’s mark of 15.6 and his final mark of 15.4 were world records for the metric distance, although both were intrinsically inferior to his record of 15.2 for 120 yards hurdles.

1Al KraenzleinUSA15.6 (1 h1)15.4 (1)GoldOR
2John McLeanUSAat 2 yards (3 h1)17.0 (1 h2)at 3 yards (2)Silver
3Fred MoloneyUSAat 3 yards (2 h1)17.0 (1 h1)at 1 foot (3)Bronze
4Émile LécuyerFRA– (1 h3)– (4)
ACNorman PritchardIND16.6 (1 h2)– (DNF)
2 h1 r2/3William LewisUSApoor 3rd (3 h2)at 5 metres (2 h1)
2 h2 r2/3William RemingtonUSAat 1½ yards (2 h2)won easily (2 h2)
3 h1 r2/3Eugène ChoiselFRA– (DNF h1)good resistance (3 h1)
AC h2 r1/3Adolphe KlingelhoeferFRA– (DNF h2)
DNSKarel NedvědBOH– (DNS h2)
DNSUmberto ColomboITA– (DNS h3)
DNSGustav Adolf RauGER– (DNS h3)

Round One (14 July 1900 — 9:30)

Winners in each heat advanced to the final. All others advance to the repêchage heats.

Heat One (9:30)

1Al KraenzleinUSA15.6QOR
2Fred MoloneyUSAat 3 yardsq
3John McLeanUSAat 2 yardsq
DNFEugène ChoiselFRAq

Heat Two (9:30)

1Norman PritchardIND16.6Q
2William RemingtonUSAat 1½ yardsq
3William LewisUSApoor 3rdq
DNFAdolphe KlingelhoeferFRA
DNSKarel NedvědBOH

Heat Three (9:30)

1Émile LécuyerFRAQwalkover
DNSUmberto ColomboITA
DNSGustav Adolf RauGER

Repêchage (14 July 1900)

Winner in each heat advanced to the final. Eligible were those not advancing from the Round One heats.

Heat One

1Fred MoloneyUSA17.0Q
2William LewisUSAat 5 metres
3Eugène ChoiselFRAgood resistance

Heat Two

1John McLeanUSA17.0Q
2William RemingtonUSAwon easily

Final (14 July 1900 — 10:05)

1Al KraenzleinUSA15.4OR
2John McLeanUSAat 3 yards
3Fred MoloneyUSAat 1 foot
4Émile LécuyerFRA
DNFNorman PritchardIND