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Long Jump, Men

Date14 – 15 July 1900
LocationCroix Catelan, Bois de Boulogne, Paris
Participants12 from 6 countries
FormatTop five in qualifying advanced to the final.

This was expected to be one of the top competitions as the three top long jumpers in the world – Al Kraenzlein, Meyer Prinstein, and Ireland’s Peter O’Connor – were entered. Kraenzlein and Prinstein had set six of the last seven world records during the past three years, while O’Connor would begin later in the summer to set four consecutive world records. Unfortunately, O’Connor failed to show up.

Qualifying was held on Saturday and the final on Sunday. The top five finishers in the qualifying round were allowed to compete in the final, with marks made in qualifying counting towards the final results. After Saturday, Meyer Prinstein led with 7.175 to Al Kraenzlein’s 6.93 metres. Some sources claim that Prinstein and Kraenzlein both made an agreement at that point to not compete on Sunday.

Whether they did or not, Kraenzlein did jump on Sunday and edged out Prinstein by one centimetre. Prinstein was outraged and may have punched Kraenzlein when the result was announced. Though difficult to tell if any fists actually landed, he definitely had to be restrained to keep him from Kraenzlein. The ironic thing about all this is that both Kraenzlein and Prinstein competed on their Sabbaths. Prinstein, a Jew, competed on Saturday, while Kraenzlein, a Gentile, competed on Sunday.

1Al KraenzleinUSA7.1856.930 (2)7.185 (1)GoldOR
2Meyer PrinsteinUSA7.1757.175 (1)SilverOR
3Pat LeahyGBR6.9506.710 (5)6.950 (2)Bronze
4William RemingtonUSA6.8256.725 (4)6.825 (3)
5Albert DelannoyFRA6.7556.755 (3)– (MNK)
6John McLeanUSA6.6556.655 (6)
7Thaddeus McClainUSA6.4356.435 (7)
8Waldemar SteffenGER6.3006.300 (8)
9Ernő SchubertHUN6.0506.050 (9)
10Gyula StrauszHUN6.0106.010 (10)
11Tore BlomSWE5.7705.770 (11)
12Eric LemmingSWE5.5005.500 (12)
DNSAlbert WitbeckUSA
DNSUmberto ColomboITA
DNSLewis SheldonUSA
DNSPeter O'ConnorGBR

Qualifying Round (14 July 1900 — 11:40)

Top five in qualifying advanced to the final.

1Meyer PrinsteinUSA7.175QOR
2Al KraenzleinUSA6.930Q
3Albert DelannoyFRA6.755Q
4William RemingtonUSA6.725Q
5Pat LeahyGBR6.710Q
6John McLeanUSA6.655
7Thaddeus McClainUSA6.435
8Waldemar SteffenGER6.300
9Ernő SchubertHUN6.050
10Gyula StrauszHUN6.010
11Tore BlomSWE5.770
12Eric LemmingSWE5.500

Final Round (15 July 1900 — 17:15)

Top five in qualifying advanced to the final.

1Al KraenzleinUSA7.185
2Pat LeahyGBR6.950
3William RemingtonUSA6.825
MNKAlbert DelannoyFRA