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60 metres, Men

Date29 August 1904
LocationFrancis Field, Washington University, St. Louis
Participants12 from 3 countries

This was the first event of the Games and it was also the first time that many of the eastern sprinters had seen Archie Hahn, although he had won the 1903 AAU title at 100 yards. With Hahn, the favorites were Lawson Robertson, who earlier in the summer had won the AAU 100; Nate Cartmell, second in the 1904 IC4A 100; and Fay Moulton, winner of the 1903 IC4A title at 100 yards. All of the favorites advanced to the final where Hahn got the jump on them at the gun. He was ahead by 2 yards at the halfway mark and held this to the finish.

Competing in a heat but not qualifying, was George Poage of the University of Wisconsin and the Milwaukee AC. Poage was a black man and his appearance in this heat was probably the first time a black man competed in athletics in the Olympic Games. Some newspaper reports mention 17 starters in the event but we only have evidence of 12 definitely running.

1168Archie HahnUSA7.2 (1 h3)7.0 (1)Gold
276Bill HogensonUSA7.0 (1 h2)7.2 (2)Silver
379Fay MoultonUSA7.2 (1 h4)7.2 (3)Bronze
4117Clyde BlairUSA7.0 (1 h1)7.2 (4)
5136Meyer PrinsteinUSA– (2 h1)7.2 (=1)– (5)
6142Frank CastlemanUSA– (2 h2)7.2 (=1)– (6)
AC h5 r1/229Bobby KerrCAN– (2 h3)– (AC)
AC h5 r1/25Nate CartmellUSA– (2 h4)– (AC)
3 h3 r1/2138Lawson RobertsonUSA– (3 h3)
4 h3 r1/231Béla MezőHUN– (4 h3)
AC h1 r1/2135Will HunterUSA– (AC h1)
AC h1 r1/2170George PoageUSA– (AC h1)
DNS107Charles TurnerUSA
DNS48Ollie SnedigarUSA
DNS47George SmithUSA
DNS13Dodge PetersUSA
DNS100Will BlomeUSA
DNS6William MarshallUSA
DNS67Fred HeckwolfUSA

Round One (29 August 1904)

Winner of each heat advanced to the final. Second in each heat advanced to the repêchage heat.

Heat One

1117Clyde BlairUSA7.0Q=OR
2136Meyer PrinsteinUSAq
AC135Will HunterUSA
AC170George PoageUSA

Heat Two

176Bill HogensonUSA7.0Q=OR
2142Frank CastlemanUSAq

Heat Three

1168Archie HahnUSA7.2Q
229Bobby KerrCANq
3138Lawson RobertsonUSA
431Béla MezőHUN

Heat Four

179Fay MoultonUSA7.2Q
25Nate CartmellUSAq

Repêchage (29 August 1904)

Top two finishers advanced to the final.

=1142Frank CastlemanUSA7.2Q
=1136Meyer PrinsteinUSA7.2Q
AC5Nate CartmellUSA
AC29Bobby KerrCAN

Final (29 August 1904)

1168Archie HahnUSA7.0=OR
276Bill HogensonUSA7.2
379Fay MoultonUSA7.2
4117Clyde BlairUSA7.2
5136Meyer PrinsteinUSA
6142Frank CastlemanUSA