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Discus Throw, Men

Date27 – 28 July 1980
LocationBolshaya arena, Tsentralny stadion imeni V.I. Lenina, Moskva
Participants18 from 12 countries

The American boycott prevented competition between the East Germans, the Soviets and the best American throwers, which included defending champion Mac Wilkins and … four-time champion Al Oerter. Wilkins was still considered the best American discus thrower, and won the meaningless 1980 US Olympic Trials. But Oerter had come out of retirement to compete again and in 1980 would have the second longest throw of the year with a PR 69.46 (227-10¾). He placed fourth at the Olympic Trial, but if it had really meant something … well, who knows. The world record holder in 1980 was Wolfgang Schmidt, the silver medalist from Montréal and 1978 European Champion. But he had an ankle injury and would finish out of the medals. The gold medal was won by Soviet Viktor Rashchupkin, a journeyman thrower who produced a PR to win. The Soviet judges were felt to be helpful, as Cuba’s Luis Delís’s final throw appeared to be a winning mark, but some observers thought it was marked at least a foot short.

1728Viktor RashchupkinURS64.78 (2)66.64 (1)Gold
2654Imrich BugárTCH65.08 (1)66.38 (2)Silver
3125Luis DelísCUB64.20 (3)66.32 (3)Bronze
4333Wolfgang SchmidtGDR62.46 (8)65.64 (4)
5699Yury DumchevURS62.82 (5)65.58 (5)
6698Igor DuginetsURS63.10 (4)64.04 (6)
7103Emil VladimirovBUL62.50 (7)63.18 (7)
8102Velko VelevBUL61.30 (10)63.04 (8)
9220Markku TuokkoFIN62.14 (9)61.84 (9)
10139José Santa CruzCUB60.14 (11)61.52 (10)
11310Hilmar HoßfeldGDR59.92 (12)61.14 (11)
12622Kenth GardenkransSWE62.58 (6)60.24 (12)
13 r1/2316Armin LemmeGDR59.44 (13)
14 r1/2569Iosif NaghiROU59.34 (14)
15 r1/2496Namakoro NiaréMLI57.34 (15)
16 r1/2634Adnan HouriSYR47.52 (16)
17 r1/2463Najim AbdulrazakKUW39.26 (17)
AC r1/2418Óskar JakobssonISL– (AC)

Qualifying Round (27 July 1980 — 10:00)

Top 12 and ties and all those reaching 62.00 metres advanced to the final.

111Imrich BugárTCH65.0861.5065.08-Q
25Viktor RashchupkinURS64.7864.78--Q
32Luis DelísCUB64.2064.20--Q
412Igor DuginetsURS63.1063.10--Q
513Yury DumchevURS62.8262.82--Q
67Kenth GardenkransSWE62.5853.9062.58-Q
79Emil VladimirovBUL62.5060.5460.5262.50Q
818Wolfgang SchmidtGDR62.4662.46--Q
94Markku TuokkoFIN62.1462.14--Q
1016Velko VelevBUL61.3054.8256.6061.30q
1110José Santa CruzCUB60.1460.1458.70×q
1217Hilmar HoßfeldGDR59.92×57.9859.92q
131Armin LemmeGDR59.4459.4454.44×
146Iosif NaghiROU59.3456.5059.3458.48
158Namakoro NiaréMLI57.34×57.3456.08
1614Adnan HouriSYR47.52××47.52
1715Najim AbdulrazakKUW39.26×39.2635.38
AC3Óskar JakobssonISL×××NM

Final Round (28 July 1980 — 17:30)

110Viktor RashchupkinURS66.6462.3864.7265.0866.6460.48×
29Imrich BugárTCH66.3865.1461.7864.3466.3864.4265.96
322Luis DelísCUB66.32×63.46×65.30×66.32
46Wolfgang SchmidtGDR65.64×61.6065.3065.6465.34×
58Yury DumchevURS65.5864.78×65.58×63.16×
623Igor DuginetsURS64.0462.1864.0463.18×62.04×
75Emil VladimirovBUL63.1862.8463.1861.6061.7061.6061.20
81Velko VelevBUL63.0460.8860.7463.0461.14×61.72
93Markku TuokkoFIN61.8461.5455.3261.84
104José Santa CruzCUB61.5256.0658.5261.52
117Hilmar HoßfeldGDR61.1460.2661.1459.30
122Kenth GardenkransSWE60.2460.2458.4060.12