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200 metres Breaststroke, Women

Date21 July 1976
LocationPiscine olympique, Montréal, Québec
Participants38 from 21 countries

The Soviet Union has never been a great swimming power, except in the women’s breaststroke. And in Montréal nobody was winning individual events among the women except for swimmers from the German Democratic Republic (East Germany), as they won 10 of 11 individual gold medals, and they had two favorites in this event in world record holder Karla Linke and 1975 World Champion Hannelore Anke. But they did not win, nor did they even send a swimmer to the podium. Prior to this event, only the United States (11 times), Australia (1956 100 freestyle), and East Germany (1976 200 butterfly) had ever swept the medals at an Olympic women’s swimming event. But in this event the Soviet Union became the fourth nation on that list, as Marina Koshevaya won gold, and led Maryna Yurchenia and Lyubov Rusanova to the medal stand. Koshevaya was dominant in winning with 2:33.35, over 1½ seconds better than Linke’s world record and nearly three seconds ahead of Yurchenia.

1Marina KoshevayaURS2:35.14 (1 h1)2:33.35 (1)Gold
2Marina YurchenyaURS2:37.92 (1 h2)2:36.08 (2)Silver
3Lyubov RusanovaURS2:37.45 (2 h4)2:36.22 (3)Bronze
4Hannelore AnkeGDR2:37.21 (1 h4)2:36.49 (4)
5Karla LinkeGDR2:37.13 (1 h5)2:36.97 (5)
6Carola NitschkeGDR2:39.06 (2 h5)2:38.27 (6)
7Maggie KellyGBR2:39.01 (1 h3)2:38.37 (7)
8Debbie RuddGBR2:38.26 (2 h1)2:39.01 (8)
9Joann BakerCAN2:39.27 (2 h3)
10Wijda MazereeuwNED2:39.59 (3 h5)
11Lisa BorsholtCAN2:39.94 (3 h3)
12Susanne NielssonDEN2:41.09 (2 h2)
13Ann-Sofi RoosSWE2:41.38 (3 h2)
14Christine JarvisGBR2:41.61 (4 h2)
15Lauri SieringUSA2:41.66 (5 h2)
16Marcia MoreyUSA2:41.85 (3 h1)
17Dagmar RehakFRG2:41.98 (3 h4)
18Anna SkolarczykPOL2:42.05 (4 h4)
19Gaby AskampFRG2:42.58 (6 h2)
20Judith HudsonAUS2:43.88 (5 h4)
21Kazuyo InabaJPN2:44.08 (7 h2)
22Toshiko HaruokaJPN2:44.11 (4 h5)
23Melanie MacKayCAN2:45.08 (4 h3)
24Anette FredrikssonSWE2:45.31 (6 h4)
25Janis HapeUSA2:45.57 (5 h5)
26Annick de SusiniFRA2:45.63 (5 h3)
27Karin DeleurandDEN2:45.96 (6 h3)
28Chiharu MoriJPN2:46.04 (7 h3)
29Colette CrabbeBEL2:47.16 (7 h4)
30Véronique BrisyBEL2:47.55 (6 h5)
31Cristina TeixeiraBRA2:47.69 (4 h1)
32Allison SmithAUS2:50.11 (5 h1)
33Beatriz CamuñasMEX2:50.78 (6 h1)
34Ángela LópezPUR2:52.71 (8 h4)
35Nancy DeañoPHI2:53.08 (7 h5)
36Elena OspitaletcheURU2:53.60 (8 h3)
37Dacyl PérezVEN2:56.76 (7 h1)
38Patricia SpohnARG2:59.51 (8 h2)
DNSÉva KissHUN– (DNS h1)

Round One (21 July 1976 — 10:30)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One

14Marina KoshevayaURS2:35.14QOR
26Debbie RuddGBR2:38.26Q
33Marcia MoreyUSA2:41.85
47Cristina TeixeiraBRA2:47.69
52Allison SmithAUS2:50.11
61Beatriz CamuñasMEX2:50.78
78Dacyl PérezVEN2:56.76

Heat Two

14Marina YurchenyaURS2:37.92Q
23Susanne NielssonDEN2:41.09
36Ann-Sofi RoosSWE2:41.38
42Christine JarvisGBR2:41.61
55Lauri SieringUSA2:41.66
61Gaby AskampFRG2:42.58
77Kazuyo InabaJPN2:44.08
88Patricia SpohnARG2:59.51

Heat Three

15Maggie KellyGBR2:39.01Q
24Joann BakerCAN2:39.27
33Lisa BorsholtCAN2:39.94
46Melanie MacKayCAN2:45.08
51Annick de SusiniFRA2:45.63
67Karin DeleurandDEN2:45.96
72Chiharu MoriJPN2:46.04
88Elena OspitaletcheURU2:53.60

Heat Four

14Hannelore AnkeGDR2:37.21Q
25Lyubov RusanovaURS2:37.45Q
33Dagmar RehakFRG2:41.98
47Anna SkolarczykPOL2:42.05
52Judith HudsonAUS2:43.88
66Anette FredrikssonSWE2:45.31
71Colette CrabbeBEL2:47.16
88Ángela LópezPUR2:52.71

Heat Five

15Karla LinkeGDR2:37.13Q
24Carola NitschkeGDR2:39.06Q
33Wijda MazereeuwNED2:39.59
47Toshiko HaruokaJPN2:44.11
56Janis HapeUSA2:45.57
61Véronique BrisyBEL2:47.55
78Nancy DeañoPHI2:53.08

Final (21 July 1976 — 19:30)

14Marina KoshevayaURS2:33.35WR
22Marina YurchenyaURS2:36.08
36Lyubov RusanovaURS2:36.22
43Hannelore AnkeGDR2:36.49
55Karla LinkeGDR2:36.97
68Carola NitschkeGDR2:38.27
71Maggie KellyGBR2:38.37
87Debbie RuddGBR2:39.01