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Individual All-Around, Men

Date26 August 1920 — 15:00
LocationOlympisch Stadion, Antwerpen
Participants25 from 7 countries
FormatConsisted of five events as follows: a) floor exercise, b) horizontal bar, c) parallel bars, d) still rings, and e) pommelled horse. Eight exercises were performed as follows: 1) an optional floor exercise, 2 and 3) an optional and a compulsory exercise on the horizontal bar, 4 and 5) an optional and a compulsory exercise on the parallel bars, 6 and 7) an optional and a compulsory exercise on the still rings, and 8) an optional exercise on the pommelled horse. Each exercise was scored from 0-10 points (0defective, 10perfect). In addition, two points were given for each exercise which a competitor started and finished. Thus, each exercise could actually gain 12 points, and the highest overall score possible was 96 points.

This was the first major international competition held since 1913, as gymnastics was not included in the 1919 Inter-Allied Games. Several of the top competitors had won international championships prior to World War I. Based on that, the favorite in the individual competition was probably Marco Torrès of France, who had been world all-around champion in 1909 and 1913. However, Torrès lost the combined gold medal to Giorgio Zampori. This was the only international combined championship of Zampori’s career, but he was world champion in 1913 at floor exercise, parallel bars, rings, and pommeled horse. He had also won a world championship in 1911 on the parallel bars.

1Giorgio ZamporiITA88.35Gold
2Marco TorrèsFRA87.62Silver
3Jean GounotFRA87.45Bronze
4Félicien KempeneersBEL86.25
5Georges ThurnherrFRA86.00
6Laurent GrechFRA85.65
7Luigi MaioccoITA85.38
8Luigi CostiglioloITA84.90
9Julianus WagemansBEL83.58
10Frank KrizUSA83.10
11François GibensBEL83.08
12Michel PorassoMON81.40
13Louis-Charles MartyFRA81.15
14Peter HolNOR80.75
15François WalkerFRA80.55
16Angelo ZorziITA80.51
17François VerbovenBEL80.42
18Vittorio LucchettiITA80.12
19Charles LannieBEL78.95
20Paul KrempelUSA78.00
21Barney JorgensenUSA76.71
22Joseph CrovettoMON74.10
23John MaisUSA74.10
24Kabil MahmoudEGY63.30
25Ahmed Amin TabouzadaEGY51.85