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12.5 kilometres Mass Start, Women

Date17 February 2018 — 20:15
LocationAlpensia Biathlon Centre, Alpensia Resort, Mountain Cluster, Daegwallyeong
Participants30 from 13 countries
FormatPenalty loop (150 metres) skied for each missed target.
Venue detailsCourse Length: 12,921 m
Height Differential: 36 m
Maximum Climb: 40 m
Shooting 1: Prone at 2.411 km, 50 m range
Shooting 2: Prone at 5.087 km, 50 m range
Shooting 3: Standing at 7.763 km, 50 m range
Shooting 4: Standing at 10.439 km, 50 m range
Total Climbing: 425 m

The mass start was the last of the four women’s individual competitions at the Alpensia Biathlon Centre, starting on 17 February at 20:15. Slovakian Anastasia Kuzmina had her best performance, missing only one target, and posting the the fastest run time to win the gold medal. Belarussian Darya Domracheva also only missed one target and took the silver medal ahead of Norwegian Tiril Eckhoff, who repeated her bronze medal performance from 2014. Favorite Laura Dahlmeier had difficulty and placed 16th.

The race was started with bib numbers 1-3 for the three gold medal winners of the earlier individual Olympic races, 4-6 for the silver medalists and 7-9 for the bronze medalists. Only Nadezhda Skardino from Belarus (7th) and Monika Hojnisz from Poland (15th) hit all shooting targets out of the 30 pursuit competitors.

14Anastasia KuzminaSVK35:23.01Gold
29Daria DomrachavaBLR35:41.81Silver
318Tiril EckhoffNOR35:50.72Bronze
413Lisa VittozziITA36:08.62
52Hanna ÖbergSWE36:09.51
68Dorothea WiererITA36:10.31
719Nadzeya SkardsinaBLR36:10.90
83Marte OlsbuNOR36:14.61
921Marie Dorin-HabertFRA36:20.92
107Kaisa MäkäräinenFIN36:23.92
1110Denise HerrmannGER36:27.22
1228Franziska PreußGER36:38.91
1317Mona BrorssonSWE36:55.31
145Veronika VítkováCZE36:57.81
1530Monika HojniszPOL36:59.20
161Laura DahlmeierGER37:10.12
176Anaïs BescondFRA37:23.54
1829Markéta DavidováCZE37:23.83
1914Valj SemerenkoUKR37:39.91
2011Justine BraisazFRA37:49.65
2116Paulína FialkováSVK37:52.64
2225Linn PerssonSWE37:54.52
2323Lena HäckiSUI38:22.34
2412Vita SemerenkoUKR38:25.33
2515Vanessa HinzGER38:52.44
2626Iryna KryukoBLR39:04.04
2727Elisa GasparinSUI39:21.05
2820Irène CadurischSUI39:44.74
2924Anaïs ChevalierFRA40:39.76
3022Tatyana AkimovaROC41:32.46