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Aerials, Women

Date15 – 16 February 2018
LocationPhoenix Snow Park, Mountain Cluster, Bongpyeong
Participants25 from 9 countries
DetailsInrun Distance: 69.0 m
Inrun Gradient: 27°
Kicker #1: 4.00 m - 50° - 2.10 m
Kicker #2: 6.50 m - 65° - 3.70 m
Kicker #3: 6.50 m - 65° - 3.70 m
Kicker #4: 8.00 m - 70° - 4.20 m
Kicker #5: 8.00 m - 70° - 4.20 m
Landing Distance: 25.0 m
Landing Gradient: 38°
Start Elevation: ?
Table Distance: 20.0 m
Table Gradient: 0°
Vertical Drop: ?

Alla Tsuper of Belarus had competed at four editions of the Winter Olympic Games between 1998 and 2010 without reaching the podium before deciding to retire and start a family. She returned to the Games in 2014, however, and surprised spectators by taking home the gold medal. The reigning Olympic champion returned in 2018, becoming the only freestyle skier to compete in six editions of the Games and hoping to defend her title. Aerials are often, however, an unpredictable sport, and she faced many viable challengers in her quest for gold. The most consistent of these was probably China’s Xu Mengtao, the runner up in 2014 and the bronze medalist at the last two editions of the World Championships. Ashley Caldwell of the United States was the reigning World Champion, while Australia’s Laura Peel had taken the title in 2015.

The aerials’ unpredictability left Russia’s Aleksandra Orlova as the top qualifier, with Caldwell failing to make the final even after the second qualification round. Orlova’s closest competitor was the relatively unknown Anna Guskova of Belarus, while Xu rounded out the top three. Huskova’s first jump in the final proved that her placing was no fluke, as she came out significantly ahead of the other competitors to take the first round. Xu, who had been behind Huskova, came into the second round determined, but failed to execute her landing properly and was eliminated from the tournament, as was Orlova. Huskova also seemed shaky, however, finishing the round in fourth behind Kong Fanyu and Zhang Xin, both unheralded skiers from China, and Peel. In the end, however, Huskova pulled off the best performance of the finals that, while not flawless, was sufficient to earn her the gold medal and keep the Olympic title in her country’s possession. Her teammate Tsuper, however, attempted to finish with the same jump that had earned her gold four years earlier, but crashed on the landing and was out of the competition. Zhang also performed very well, but was edged out by Huskova and thus settled for silver, while Kong was able take bronze with a safe, but successful jump that placed her ahead of the more challenging, but failed executions of the remainder of the field.

PosNrSkierNOCQualifying Round 1Qualifying Round 2Final Round 1Final Round 2Final Round 3
12Hanna HuskovaBLR100.45 (2)94.15 (1)85.05 (4)96.14 (1)Gold
229Zhang XinCHN90.24 (6)87.25 (6)94.11 (2)95.52 (2)Silver
312Kong FanyuCHN89.77 (7)95.17 (2)89.77 (4)97.29 (1)70.14 (3)Bronze
411Ala TsuperBLR77.90 (15)99.37 (1)90.82 (3)84.00 (5)59.94 (4)
57Laura PeelAUS64.86 (19)89.46 (3)85.05 (9)85.65 (3)55.34 (5)
617Madison OlsenUSA87.88 (9)80.04 (9)85.36 (8)83.23 (6)47.23 (6)
716Lyubov NikitinaROC88.83 (8)84.24 (6)85.68 (7)80.01 (7)
89Aleksandra OrlovaROC102.22 (1)89.28 (5)61.25 (8)
91Xu MengtaoCHN99.37 (3)91.00 (2)59.25 (9)
108Kiley McKinnonUSA72.26 (17)87.88 (4)80.95 (10)
113Kristina SpiridonovaROC97.64 (4)57.64 (11)
126Danielle ScottAUS93.76 (5)57.01 (12)
1322Zhanbota AldabergenovaKAZ81.07 (12)85.36 (5)
144Aliaksandra RamanauskayaBLR38.85 (24)83.65 (7)
1520Yan TingCHN80.95 (13)82.94 (8)
1619Olha PoliukUKR82.21 (10)55.50 (17)
1713Ashley CaldwellUSA81.81 (11)55.86 (16)
1827Marzhan AkzhigitKAZ79.17 (14)70.20 (11)
1918Catrine LavalléeCAN73.08 (16)71.34 (10)
205Lydia LassilaAUS66.27 (18)63.45 (12)
2110Alina GridnevaROC60.16 (20)60.98 (13)
2226Akmarzhan KalmurzayevaKAZ58.58 (21)47.32 (18)
2314Samantha WellsAUS54.28 (22)58.27 (14)
2428Ayana ZholdasKAZ51.01 (23)57.98 (15)
2530Kim Gyeong-EunKOR35.67 (25)44.20 (19)

Qualifying Round 1 (15 February 2018 — 20:00)

Top 6 finishers advanced to final 1.

19Aleksandra OrlovaROC102.22bLFF3.800
22Hanna HuskovaBLR100.45bLTF3.500
31Xu MengtaoCHN99.37bFTF3.750
43Kristina SpiridonovaROC97.64bdFF3.525
56Danielle ScottAUS93.76bdFF3.525
629Zhang XinCHN90.24bdFF3.525
712Kong FanyuCHN89.77bFF3.150
816Lyubov NikitinaROC88.83bdFF3.525
917Madison OlsenUSA87.88bFF3.150
1019Olha PoliukUKR82.21bFF3.150
1113Ashley CaldwellUSA81.81bFFF4.050
1222Zhanbota AldabergenovaKAZ81.07bdFF3.525
1320Yan TingCHN80.95bFF3.150
1427Marzhan AkzhigitKAZ79.17bLF2.900
1511Ala TsuperBLR77.90bLFF3.800
1618Catrine LavalléeCAN73.08bFF3.150
178Kiley McKinnonUSA72.26bFdF3.525
185Lydia LassilaAUS66.27bdFF3.525
197Laura PeelAUS64.86bFdF3.525
2010Alina GridnevaROC60.16bFF3.150
2126Akmarzhan KalmurzayevaKAZ58.58bLF2.900
2214Samantha WellsAUS54.28bFdF3.525
2328Ayana ZholdasKAZ51.01bFT2.850
244Aliaksandra RamanauskayaBLR38.85bLTF3.500
2530Kim Gyeong-EunKOR35.67bL2.050

Qualifying Round 2 (15 February 2018 — 20:45)

Top 6 finishers advanced to final 1.

111Ala TsuperBLR99.37bFTF3.750
212Kong FanyuCHN95.17bdFF3.525
37Laura PeelAUS89.46bFF3.150
48Kiley McKinnonUSA87.88bFF3.150
522Zhanbota AldabergenovaKAZ85.36bFF3.150
616Lyubov NikitinaROC84.24bFdF3.525
74Aliaksandra RamanauskayaBLR83.65bLFT3.500
820Yan TingCHN82.94bLF2.900
917Madison OlsenUSA80.04bLF2.900
1018Catrine LavalléeCAN71.34bLF2.900
1127Marzhan AkzhigitKAZ70.20bLT2.600
125Lydia LassilaAUS63.45bFdF3.525
1310Alina GridnevaROC60.98bFdF3.525
1414Samantha WellsAUS58.27bFF3.150
1528Ayana ZholdasKAZ57.98bLT2.600
1613Ashley CaldwellUSA55.86bLFF3.800
1719Olha PoliukUKR55.50bFTF3.750
1826Akmarzhan KalmurzayevaKAZ47.32bLP2.600
1930Kim Gyeong-EunKOR44.20bT2.000

Final Round 1 (16 February 2018 — 20:00)

Top 6 finishers advanced to final 2.

12Hanna HuskovaBLR94.15bLTF3.500Q
21Xu MengtaoCHN91.00bLTF3.500Q
311Ala TsuperBLR90.82bLFF3.800Q
412Kong FanyuCHN89.77bFF3.150Q
59Aleksandra OrlovaROC89.28bLTT3.200Q
629Zhang XinCHN87.25bFF3.150Q
716Lyubov NikitinaROC85.68bFF3.150Q
817Madison OlsenUSA85.36bFF3.150Q
97Laura PeelAUS85.05bFF3.150Q
108Kiley McKinnonUSA80.95bFF3.150
113Kristina SpiridonovaROC57.64bFF3.150
126Danielle ScottAUS57.01bFF3.150

Final Round 2 (16 February 2018 — 20:29)

Top 6 finishers advanced to final 3.

112Kong FanyuCHN97.29bdFF3.525Q
229Zhang XinCHN94.11bdFF3.525Q
37Laura PeelAUS85.65bFdF3.525Q
42Hanna HuskovaBLR85.05bLFT3.500Q
511Ala TsuperBLR84.00bFTF3.750Q
617Madison OlsenUSA83.23bLF2.900Q
716Lyubov NikitinaROC80.01bFdF3.525
89Aleksandra OrlovaROC61.25bLFT3.500
91Xu MengtaoCHN59.25bFTF3.750

Final Round 3 (16 February 2018 — 20:52)

12Hanna HuskovaBLR96.14bLFF3.800
229Zhang XinCHN95.52bFdF3.525
312Kong FanyuCHN70.14bFdF3.525
411Ala TsuperBLR59.94bFFF4.050
57Laura PeelAUS55.34bdFF3.525
617Madison OlsenUSA47.23bFdF3.525