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Ski Cross, Women

Date23 February 2018
LocationPhoenix Snow Park, Mountain Cluster, Bongpyeong
Participants23 from 13 countries
DetailsFeatures: 27
Length: 1,370 m
Start Altitude: 910 m
Vertical Drop: 240 m

Prior to the 2018 Games, Canada had won the gold medal in the women’s ski cross both times that it had been offered at the Olympics, and Marielle Thompson, the 2014 champion, was present in PyeongChang to defend her title. Her performance had been somewhat uneven in the years since her victory, however, and she had experienced a serious crash just four months prior to the Games that nearly took her out of contention. The favorite, therefore, was probably Sandra Näslund of Sweden, the 2017 World Champion who had been having an excellent season in the lead up to the Olympics. Austria’s Andrea Limbacher, the 2015 World Champion, who would be competing in her third Olympics, was certainly a podium contender as well.

Canada claimed the top three spots in the seeding round, with Thompson in front, followed by Kelsey Serwa and Brittany Phelan. Serwa had been the runner-up at the 2014 Games and had captured the gold medal at the 2016 Winter X Games, but a serious training accident had nearly ended her career in December of 2016. Phelan, on the other hand, was somewhat of an oddity, as she had competed in the 2014 Olympics as an alpine skier, but had switched to freestyle skiing following a series of injuries in 2015. Näslund was still certainly in contention as well, as she finished only 0.02 seconds behind Phelan.

Each round of the ski cross was divided into heats of three competitors, with the top two advancing. Of the favorites, Thompson was the only one not to win her heat, or even survive, in the first round, as she crashed after her skis hit those of another competitor. A similar fate befell Limbacher in the quarterfinals and, while Näslund advanced, she did so only by coming in second to Switzerland’s Fanny Smith, the 2013 World Champion, 2017 runner-up, and 2015 bronze medalist. It was the two remaining Canadians, along with Näslund and Smith, who then advanced to the final. Serwa started off the race strong and never relented, capturing the gold medal and ensuring that the title would remain with the Canadians for the next four years. Näslund was close behind at first, but eventually surrendered her position to Phelan, and then Smith, who ended up taking silver and bronze respectively, leaving the event’s favorite off the podium.

1Kelsey SerwaCANGold
2Britt PhelanCANSilver
3Fanny SmithSUIBronze
4Sandra NäslundSWE
5Alizée BaronFRA
6Lisa AnderssonSWE
7Sanna LüdiSUI
8Sami Kennedy-SimAUS
9Katrin OfnerAUT
10Marielle BergerFRA
11Debora PixnerITA
12Talina GantenbeinSUI
13Andrea LimbacherAUT
14Nikol KučerováCZE
15Nastya ChirtsovaROC
16Emily SarsfieldGBR
17Marielle ThompsonCAN
18India SherretCAN
19Steph JoffroyCHI
20Viktoriya ZavadovskayaROC
21Julia EichingerGER
22Reina UmeharaJPN
23Priscillia AnnenSUI
DNSLucrezia FantelliITA

Qualifying Round

Date23 February 2018 — 11:30
FormatQualification round advance 32 skiiers to single-elimination rounds.
1Marielle ThompsonCAN1:13.11
2Kelsey SerwaCAN1:13.33
3Britt PhelanCAN1:13.56
4Sandra NäslundSWE1:13.58
5Fanny SmithSUI1:13.90
6Alizée BaronFRA1:14.11
7Katrin OfnerAUT1:14.30
8Andrea LimbacherAUT1:14.71
9Sami Kennedy-SimAUS1:14.97
10Sanna LüdiSUI1:15.13
11India SherretCAN1:15.48
12Marielle BergerFRA1:15.60
13Nikol KučerováCZE1:15.61
14Debora PixnerITA1:15.72
15Nastya ChirtsovaROC1:15.83
16Talina GantenbeinSUI1:15.97
17Lisa AnderssonSWE1:16.15
18Steph JoffroyCHI1:16.70
19Viktoriya ZavadovskayaROC1:16.80
20Julia EichingerGER1:17.56
21Reina UmeharaJPN1:17.81
22Emily SarsfieldGBR1:18.25
23Priscillia AnnenSUI2:30.03
DNSLucrezia FantelliITA

Round One

Date23 February 2018 — 13:15
FormatTop 2 finishers in each heat advance to quarter-finals.

Heat #1

1Blue-4Lisa AnderssonSWEQ
2Green-2Talina GantenbeinSUIQ
3Red-3Marielle ThompsonCAN

Heat #2

1Red-2Andrea LimbacherAUTQ
2Green-3Sami Kennedy-SimAUSQ
DNSLucrezia FantelliITA

Heat #3

1Red-2Fanny SmithSUIQ
2Green-3Marielle BergerFRAQ
3Blue-4Reina UmeharaJPN

Heat #4

1Red-2Sandra NäslundSWEQ
2Green-3Nikol KučerováCZEQ
3Blue-4Julia EichingerGER

Heat #5

1Red-3Britt PhelanCANQ
2Green-2Debora PixnerITAQ
3Blue-4Viktoriya ZavadovskayaROC

Heat #6

1Red-2Alizée BaronFRAQ
2Blue-4Emily SarsfieldGBRQ
DNFGreen-3India SherretCAN

Heat #7

1Red-2Katrin OfnerAUTQ
2Green-3Sanna LüdiSUIQ
3Blue-4Priscillia AnnenSUI

Heat #8

1Red-2Kelsey SerwaCANQ
2Green-3Nastya ChirtsovaROCQ
3Blue-4Steph JoffroyCHI


Date23 February 2018 — 13:50
FormatTop 2 finishers in each heat advance to semi-finals.

Heat #1

1Green-3Sami Kennedy-SimAUSQ
2Yellow-1Lisa AnderssonSWEQ
3Blue-4Talina GantenbeinSUI
DNFRed-2Andrea LimbacherAUT

Heat #2

1Green-3Fanny SmithSUIQ
2Red-2Sandra NäslundSWEQ
3Blue-1Marielle BergerFRA
4Yellow-4Nikol KučerováCZE

Heat #3

1Red-3Britt PhelanCANQ
2Green-2Alizée BaronFRAQ
3Blue-1Debora PixnerITA
4Yellow-4Emily SarsfieldGBR

Heat #4

1Red-2Kelsey SerwaCANQ
2Blue-4Sanna LüdiSUIQ
3Green-3Katrin OfnerAUT
DNFYellow-1Nastya ChirtsovaROC


Date23 February 2018 — 14:14
FormatTop 2 finishers in each heat advance to Big Final.

Heat #1

1Red-2Sandra NäslundSWEQ
2Green-3Fanny SmithSUIQ
3Blue-4Sami Kennedy-SimAUS
4Yellow-1Lisa AnderssonSWE

Heat #2

1Green-3Britt PhelanCANQ
2Red-2Kelsey SerwaCANQ
3Yellow-1Sanna LüdiSUI
DNFBlue-4Alizée BaronFRA

Final Round

Date23 February 2018 — 14:30

Final A

1Red-2Kelsey SerwaCAN
2Green-3Britt PhelanCAN
3Yellow-1Fanny SmithSUI
4Blue-4Sandra NäslundSWE

Final B

1Red-2Alizée BaronFRA
2Yellow-1Lisa AnderssonSWE
3Blue-4Sanna LüdiSUI
4Green-3Sami Kennedy-SimAUS