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Halfpipe, Men

Date13 – 14 February 2018
LocationPhoenix Snow Park, Mountain Cluster, Bongpyeong
Participants29 from 13 countries
DetailsGradient: 19°
Length: 200 m
Wall Height: 7.5 m
Wall-to-Wall Width: 22 m

The men’s halfpipe competition at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games was held at the Bogwang Phoenix Park in PyeongChang. With 29 athletes from 13 countries competing for the medals, one of the biggest favorites, Switzerland’s Iouri Podladtchikov, was a scratch after the first training due to health reasons. But this still left one of the deepest fields ever in the Olympic history of the event, promising a terrific showdown for one of the most televised medal events of the Games.

Amongst those left fighting for the podium was two-time Olympic champion, the American legend Shaun White and Japan’s Ayumu Hirano, silver medalist at the 2013 X-Games (becoming the youngest medalist in X-Games history at 14) and 2014 Olympic Winter Games.

The halfpipe final was comprised of four Americans, three Japanese, two Australians, two Swiss and one Finn. White, who had set a high bar in qualifying with a best score of 98.50 points, would need that advantage going into the finals and dropping in last, knowing what he had to do to beat his rivals.

The first runs of the halfpipe final saw several snowboarders falling, with Japan’s 16-year-old Yuto Totsuka taking a major crash, requiring him to be removed from the pipe on a stretcher for medical attention.

Australia’s Scotty James, came out strong on his first run, scoring 92.00 points. With his second run, 19-year-old Hirano staked a claim to the podium with an impressive comeback, having fallen on his first run earning only 35.25 points and in 10th place. With Hirano landing back-to-back double cork 1440s, White then set a record of 97.75 points for the highest score in the Olympic men’s halfpipe final. The back-to-back combination of 1440-degree tricks that White executed in his final run was the first time he’d ever done that. Both Hirano and James fell in their third and final run.

White became the first snowboarder to win three Olympic gold medals, his first coming 12 years previous at Torino 2006 and second at Vancouver 2010 (he was fourth at Sochi 2014). His 2018 title marked the 100th Olympic Winter Games gold medal for the United States.

Hirano was denied Olympic gold by the 31-year-old veteran White by less than 2.50 points and won his second career Olympic silver medal. In winning the bronze medal, James who was Australia’s youngest male Olympian in 2010 in 50 years, won Australia’s second medal in PyeongChang.

12Shaun WhiteUSA98.50 (1)97.75 (1)Gold
23Ayumu HiranoJPN95.25 (3)95.25 (2)Silver
31Scotty JamesAUS96.75 (2)92.00 (3)Bronze
44Ben FergusonUSA91.00 (4)90.75 (4)
511Pat BurgenerSUI82.00 (9)89.75 (5)
69Chase JoseyUSA83.75 (7)88.00 (6)
78Raibu KatayamaJPN90.75 (5)87.00 (7)
87Jake PatesUSA82.25 (8)82.25 (8)
913Jan ScherrerSUI84.00 (6)80.50 (9)
1015Kent CallisterAUS77.00 (12)62.00 (10)
115Yuto TotsukaJPN80.00 (10)39.25 (11)
1219Peetu PiiroinenFIN77.50 (11)13.50 (12)
1312Taku HiraokaJPN75.75 (13)
1423Lee Gwang-GiKOR75.00 (14)
1510Zhang YiweiCHN74.00 (15)
1617Tim-Kevin RavnjakSLO72.50 (16)
1716Derek LivingstonCAN71.25 (17)
1824Seamus O'ConnorIRL65.50 (18)
1918Markus MalinFIN63.50 (19)
2021Nikita AvtaneyevROC63.25 (20)
2128Gwon Lee-JunKOR62.75 (21)
2220Nate JohnstoneAUS62.25 (22)
2326Johannes HöpflGER59.50 (23)
2430Kim Ho-JunKOR54.50 (24)
2522Tit ŠtanteSLO52.25 (25)
2625Rakai TaitNZL36.50 (26)
2731Elias AllenspachSUI25.50 (27)
2829Janne KorpiFIN22.50 (28)
2927Shi WanchengCHN11.75 (29)

Qualifying Round

Date13 February 2018 — 13:00
FormatTop twelve finishers advance to final.
Judge #1Iztok ŠumatićSLO
Judge #2Stefan MunzGER
Judge #3Christian BeutlerSUI
Judge #4John MacDonaldCAN
Judge #5Connor ManningUSA
Judge #6Ryo HashimotoJPN
PosOrdCompetitorNOCPointsRun #1Run #2
12Shaun WhiteUSA98.5093.25 (1)98.50 (1)Q
21Scotty JamesAUS96.7589.00 (3)96.75 (2)Q
33Ayumu HiranoJPN95.2587.50 (4)95.25 (3)Q
44Ben FergusonUSA91.0091.00 (2)89.75 (5)Q
58Raibu KatayamaJPN90.7585.50 (5)90.75 (4)Q
613Jan ScherrerSUI84.0084.00 (6)16.00 (26)Q
79Chase JoseyUSA83.7547.75 (20)83.75 (6)Q
87Jake PatesUSA82.2559.50 (16)82.25 (7)Q
911Pat BurgenerSUI82.0082.00 (7)50.25 (18)Q
105Yuto TotsukaJPN80.0080.00 (8)65.25 (13)Q
1119Peetu PiiroinenFIN77.5014.25 (27)77.50 (8)Q
1215Kent CallisterAUS77.0066.75 (12)77.00 (9)Q
1312Taku HiraokaJPN75.7526.00 (24)75.75 (10)
1423Lee Gwang-GiKOR75.0075.00 (9)72.00 (12)
1510Zhang YiweiCHN74.0032.50 (22)74.00 (11)
1617Tim-Kevin RavnjakSLO72.5072.50 (10)27.00 (22)
1716Derek LivingstonCAN71.2571.25 (11)32.75 (=20)
1824Seamus O'ConnorIRL65.5065.50 (13)39.75 (19)
1918Markus MalinFIN63.5030.25 (23)63.50 (14)
2021Nikita AvtaneyevROC63.2563.25 (14)32.75 (=20)
2128Gwon Lee-JunKOR62.7558.50 (17)62.75 (15)
2220Nate JohnstoneAUS62.2562.25 (15)10.25 (=28)
2326Johannes HöpflGER59.5053.25 (19)59.50 (16)
2430Kim Ho-JunKOR54.5054.50 (18)10.25 (=28)
2522Tit ŠtanteSLO52.2524.50 (25)52.25 (17)
2625Rakai TaitNZL36.5036.50 (21)25.75 (23)
2731Elias AllenspachSUI25.5023.75 (26)25.50 (24)
2829Janne KorpiFIN22.504.50 (29)22.50 (25)
2927Shi WanchengCHN11.7510.00 (28)11.75 (27)

Final Round

Date14 February 2018 — 10:30
Judge #1Iztok ŠumatićSLO
Judge #2Stefan MunzGER
Judge #3Christian BeutlerSUI
Judge #4John MacDonaldCAN
Judge #5Connor ManningUSA
Judge #6Ryo HashimotoJPN
PosOrdCompetitorNOCPointsRun #1Run #2Run #3
12Shaun WhiteUSA97.7594.25 (1)55.00 (7)97.75 (1)
23Ayumu HiranoJPN95.2535.25 (9)95.25 (1)43.25 (8)
31Scotty JamesAUS92.0092.00 (2)81.75 (4)40.25 (9)
44Ben FergusonUSA90.7543.00 (7)83.50 (2)90.75 (2)
511Pat BurgenerSUI89.7584.00 (5)51.00 (9)89.75 (3)
69Chase JoseyUSA88.0087.75 (3)52.25 (8)88.00 (4)
78Raibu KatayamaJPN87.0085.75 (4)25.00 (10)87.00 (5)
87Jake PatesUSA82.2547.00 (6)82.25 (3)27.00 (10)
913Jan ScherrerSUI80.5031.25 (10)80.50 (5)70.75 (6)
1015Kent CallisterAUS62.0020.00 (11)62.00 (6)56.75 (7)
115Yuto TotsukaJPN39.2539.25 (8)7.00 (12)– (DNS)
1219Peetu PiiroinenFIN13.504.50 (12)12.75 (11)13.50 (11)