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Individual, Women

Date18 September 1988
StatusOlympic (non-medal)
LocationRo-yal Bol-ling Sen-ta, Seoul
Participants12 from 12 countries

Bowling was a demonstration sport for the only time at the 1988 Olympics. There were 12 women bowlers competing. The women bowled a 10-game qualifying tournament, with the top three qualifiers advancing to a stepladder format to determine the top three places. Filipino Arianne Cerdeña led the qualifying over Finland’s Annikki Maattola, with Japan’s Atsuko Asai the third qualifier. Asai defeated Maattola in the first stepladder match, and then defeated Cerdeña. By the format of the tournament, since Cerdeña had been leading qualifier, she and Asai met again with Cerdeña winning, 249-211. Her victory made Cerdeña the first Filipino to win an Olympic event, medal or demonstration, and she remained the only one until 2020.

1Arianne CerdeñaPHI
2Atsuko AsaiJPN
3Annikki MaattolaFIN
4Jane AmlingerCAN
5Mette HermansenNOR
6Gabriela BigalVEN
7Debbie McMullenUSA
8Kimberley CooteGBR
9Annemiek DageletNED
10Edda PicciniMEX
11Carol GiannottiAUS
12Song Kyung-MiKOR

Qualifying (18 September 1988)

Top three qualify for final round.

1Arianne CerdeñaPHI2,354Q
2Annikki MaattolaFIN2,315Q
3Atsuko AsaiJPN2,281Q
4Jane AmlingerCAN2,271
5Mette HermansenNOR2,258
6Gabriela BigalVEN2,158
7Debbie McMullenUSA2,137
8Kimberley CooteGBR2,125
9Annemiek DageletNED2,116
10Edda PicciniMEX2,105
11Carol GiannottiAUS2,103
12Song Kyung-MiKOR1,871

Final Round (18 September 1988)

Stepladder format.

Match #1 Atsuko AsaiJPN 209 – 187Annikki MaattolaFIN
Match #2 Atsuko AsaiJPN 198 – 180Arianne CerdeñaPHI
Match #3 Arianne CerdeñaPHI 249 – 211Atsuko AsaiJPN