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Middleweight (≤66 kilograms), Women

Date29 September 1988
StatusOlympic (non-medal)
LocationJang-chung Che-yuk-gwan, Seoul
Participants8 from 8 countries

The two favorites were Brigitte Deydier of France and Alexandra Schreiber of West Germany. Schreiber was the 1987 world champion, defeating Deydier in the final. At the 1986 World Championships, Deydier had won, defending the title she had won in 1982 and 1984, with Schreiber winning bronze. Both of the 1987 bronze medalists were also present in Seoul, Roswitha Hartl (AUT) and Hikari Sasaki (JPN). Deydier and Schreiber were drawn in the same pool with Deydier winning the pool final in a closely fought match by yuko. In the other pool final, Sasaki defeated Hartl by ippon to advance to the final match against Deydier, where she won the match in a tragic ending. Halfway through the match, Deydier dislocated her kneecap, and although she tried to continue, she could not and had to withdraw, giving Sasaki the title by kiken-gachi.

1Hikari SasakiJPN
2Brigitte DeydierFRA
=3Park Ji-YeongKOR
=3Roswitha HartlAUT
=5Alexandra SchreiberFRG
=5Samia HachemiALG
=7Sandra GreavesCAN
=7Kerrye KatzAUS

Round One (29 September 1988)

Match #1 Brigitte DeydierFRA
Park Ji-YeongKOR
Match #2 Alexandra SchreiberFRG
Ippon (2:44)
Sandra GreavesCAN
Match #3 Hikari SasakiJPN
Samia HachemiALG
Match #4 Roswitha HartlAUT
Ippon (3:56)
Kerrye KatzAUS

Semi-Finals (29 September 1988)

Match #1 Brigitte DeydierFRA
Alexandra SchreiberFRG
Match #2 Hikari SasakiJPN
Ippon (3:48)
Roswitha HartlAUT

Repêchage (29 September 1988)

Match #1 Park Ji-YeongKOR
Alexandra SchreiberFRG
Match #2 Roswitha HartlAUT
Ippon (2:02)
Samia HachemiALG

Final Round (29 September 1988)

Match 1/2 Hikari SasakiJPN
Kiken-Gachi (2:27)
Brigitte DeydierFRA