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Flyweight (≤47 kilograms), Women

Date17 September 1988 — 13:00
StatusOlympic (non-medal)
LocationJang-chung Che-yuk-gwan, Seoul
Participants8 from 8 countries

Eight fighters competed in a single-elimination tournament. The event was won by Korea’s Choo Nam-Yul. This was one of only two victories by Korean women in 1988 taekwondo, as opposed to the men’s competition, in which seven of the eight classes were won by Koreans. Choo won the title by defeating Spain’s María Angela Naranjo in the final, after defeating Pai Yun-Yao (TPE), the 1987 World Champion, in the semi-finals.

1Choo Nam-YulKOR
2María Ángela NaranjoESP
=3Mayumi PejoUSA
=3Pai Yun-YaoTPE
=5Ina Febriana SariINA
=5Bettina EngelkingFRG
=5Veronika SixAUT
=5Lisa YongMAS

Round One

Date17 September 1988 — 13:00
Match #117 SepMayumi PejoUSAPointsIna Febriana SariINA
Match #217 SepMaría Ángela NaranjoESPSuperiorityBettina EngelkingFRG
Match #317 SepChoo Nam-YulKORPointsVeronika SixAUT
Match #417 SepPai Yun-YaoTPEPointsLisa YongMAS


Date17 September 1988 — 15:00
Match #117 SepMaría Ángela NaranjoESPPointsMayumi PejoUSA
Match #217 SepChoo Nam-YulKORPointsPai Yun-YaoTPE

Final Round

Date17 September 1988
Match 1/217 SepChoo Nam-YulKORPointsMaría Ángela NaranjoESP