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Curling, Men

Date4 – 5 February 1932
StatusOlympic (non-medal)
LocationOlympic Arena, Lake Placid
Participants32 from 2 countries

Curling was approved as an “indigenous” sport to be played as a demonstration in Lake Placid. There were eight teams, representing three Canadian provinces (Manitoba, Ontario, Northern Ontario, Québec) and four USA states (Connecticut, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York). Each provincial team played one match against each state team, giving 16 matches in all. This format makes it difficult to consider this a true tournament as no Canadian team played any other Canadian team, although Manitoba was undefeated, winning four matches, and both Ontario and Québec won three and lost one match.

Errick WillisRobert PowJames BowmanWilliam Burns
Russell HallArchie LockhartFrank McDonaldHarvey Sims
Albert MaclarenJohn LeonardHoward StewartWilliam Brown
Harry BurtBob PrydeSherwood CurranAlbert Hatfield
=4Northern OntarioCAN
W. W. ThompsonJohn WalkerPeter LyallE. F. George
Francis ParksCharles CurtisGeorge WillettAlexander Porter
=6New YorkUSA
Clarence WilliamsFrancis PealeGeorge OgdenJohn Calder
William MorleyErvin PalmerDon FraserGeorge Lawton

Round-Robin (4 – 5 February 1932)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCWonTiedLostPoints ForPA
=4Northern OntarioCAN2026156
=6New YorkUSA1035154

Match #1 New York20 – 8Northern Ontario
Match #2 Québec14 – 12Connecticut
Match #3 Ontario21 – 7Michigan
Match #4 Manitoba19 – 10Massachusetts
Match #5 Québec13 – 11New York
Match #6 Connecticut18 – 13Northern Ontario
Match #7 Ontario22 – 4Massachusetts
Match #8 Manitoba22 – 12Michigan
Match #9 Northern Ontario21 – 7Massachusetts
Match #10 Manitoba15 – 14Connecticut
Match #11 Ontario18 – 11New York
Match #12 Québec15 – 6Michigan
Match #13 Connecticut14 – 13Ontario
Match #14 Massachusetts17 – 15Québec
Match #15 Northern Ontario19 – 11Michigan
Match #16 Manitoba15 – 9New York