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5 kilometres, B1, Men

Date17 February 1988
StatusOlympic (non-medal)
LocationCanmore Nordic Centre, Canmore
Participants20 from 8 countries

The B1 event is for competitors who are “legally blind”, or formally have a visual acuity of LogMAR 2.60 or worse. Competitors are accompanied by sighted guides.

Scandinavian runners dominated this event, with Hans Anton Ålien of Norway taking first place. Ålien became a Paralympic legend, having won medals in three sports and both seasons. Competing in four Summer Paralympics (1976-1988) and three Winter Paralympics (1980-88), he entered in swimming, athletics (sprint, middle distance, long & high jump) and cross-country skiing. He won two medals in swimming (one silver, one bronze), one in athletics (one bronze) and nine in cross-country skiing (seven golds, a silver and a bronze). A notable guide in the competiton was Kjetil Ulvang, brother of Olympic champion Vegard Ulvang. In 1993 Kjetil would tragically die while skiing in a blizzard.

Hans Anton ÅlienArne Homb
Åke PetterssonRåland Stridh
Åsmund TveitKjetil Ulvang
4Great BritainGBR19:49.3
Peter YoungJ. Knutsen
Mauno SulisaloE. Ukkonen
6United StatesUSA20:45.5
John NovotnyCraig Ward
Guy GerardS. Bret
Erich WalchP. Seebacher
Eskil HöglundKenny Thor
10Soviet UnionURS24:02.7
Viktor ZhukovV. Menshikov