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Ballet, Men

Date9 – 10 February 1992
StatusOlympic (non-medal)
Participants17 from 11 countries

Freestyle ballet was one of the three original forms of competition in freestyle skiing, along with moguls and aeriels. Ballet was contested as a demonstration event at both the 1988 and 1992 Winter Olympics. World Championships had been held in 1986, 1989, and 1991. Ballet would later be termed Acroski as an event, but it was discontinued at the World Championships after 1999, as it lost popularity after it was never afforded Olympic status with the other freestyle events.

The favorite was American Lane Spina, the 1991 World Champion, runner-up at the Worlds in 1986 and 1989, and runner-up at the 1988 Calgary demonstration event. However, the title went to France’s Fabrice Becker, who would go on to win the Worlds in 1993 and 1997. Spina finished third, also trailing Norwegian Rune Kristiansen, who would win the 1995 World Championship.

1Fabrice BeckerFRA
2Rune KristiansenNOR
3Lane SpinaUSA
4Richard PeirceCAN
5Heini BaumgartnerSUI
6Armin WeißGER
7Roberto FrancoITA
8Jeffrey WintersteenUSA
9Youri GilgFRA
10Klaus PescolderungITA
11Trace WorthingtonUSA
12David WalkerCAN
13Hugo BonattiAUT
14Pavel LandaTCH
15Mark PigottAUS
16Simen AndresenNOR
17Johan ZwaalNED

Qualifying Round (9 February 1992 — 11:00)

1Fabrice BeckerFRA28.95Q
2Lane SpinaUSA28.25Q
3Richard PeirceCAN27.20Q
4David WalkerCAN27.00Q
5Rune KristiansenNOR26.75Q
6Roberto FrancoITA25.80Q
7Heini BaumgartnerSUI25.25Q
8Armin WeißGER25.05Q
9Jeffrey WintersteenUSA24.00Q
10Klaus PescolderungITA23.60Q
11Youri GilgFRA23.00Q
12Simen AndresenNOR22.35Q
13Pavel LandaTCH21.80Q
14Hugo BonattiAUT21.30Q
15Mark PigottAUS21.10Q
16Trace WorthingtonUSA20.20Q
17Johan ZwaalNED17.30

Final Round (10 February 1992 — 14:00)

1Fabrice BeckerFRA28.25
2Rune KristiansenNOR28.00
3Lane SpinaUSA27.40
4Richard PeirceCAN27.30
5Heini BaumgartnerSUI25.85
6Armin WeißGER25.65
7Roberto FrancoITA25.50
8Jeffrey WintersteenUSA24.80
9Youri GilgFRA23.60
10Klaus PescolderungITA23.50
11Trace WorthingtonUSA22.35
12David WalkerCAN22.00
13Hugo BonattiAUT20.55
14Pavel LandaTCH18.65
15Mark PigottAUS18.30
16Simen AndresenNOR16.60