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Ice Hockey, Exhibition (Match #4), Men

Date 6 February 1932 — 20:15
StatusOlympic (non-medal)
LocationOlympic Arena, Lake Placid
Participants21 from 3 countries
RefereeDonald SandsUSA

In addition to the standard ice hockey tournament at Lake Placid in 1932, there were five exhibition matches played. The fourth match was basically between two mixed teams, although it was listed as the Lake Placid Athletic Club against a Polish squad, with Lake Placid winning, 6-2. Lake Placid was supplemented by seven Canadian players, while Poland had two Canadians and two Americans on their team.


Lake Placid Athletic ClubMIX0426


TimeScoreNatScorer (assists)Situation
15:35 (2)1 – 0Red Berger
16:20 (2)2 – 0Red Berger
19:55 (2)3 – 0Buster McGillis
24:07 (2)4 – 0Normie Schultz
24:15 (2)4 – 1Roman Sabiński
34:54 (3)5 – 1Romeo Proulx
38:20 (3)6 – 1Joe Verdon
41:53 (3)6 – 2Adam Kowalski


? (1)2Albert Mauer
? (2)2Donald Maxwell
? (2)2Howard Percival
? (2)2Jimmie Priestley
? (3)2Howard McInrue
? (3)2Roman Sabiński
? (3)2Paul Jacobs
? (3)2Joe Verdon

Lake Placid Athletic Club

PosNrPlayerShiftMinsGoalsShotsAssists+/-PIMSavesSave %GK InGK Out
GKRen Granger00
DRed Ryan00
DBuster McGillis10
FJimmie Priestley02
FRed Berger20
FRomeo Proulx10
AlternateAdrian Moreau00
AlternateCharlie Hultquist00
AlternateHoward Percival02
AlternateJoe Verdon12
AlternateNormie Schultz10


PosNrPlayerShiftMinsGoalsShotsAssists+/-PIMSavesSave %GK InGK Out
GKHolly McHugh00
DAlbert Mauer02
DHoward McInrue02
FKazimierz Materski00
FCzesław Marchewczyk00
FAdam Kowalski10
AlternatePaul Jacobs02
AlternateRoman Sabiński12
AlternateDonald Maxwell02
AlternateWitalis Ludwiczak00